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Art Classes for Kids in Bangkok

kids art & crafts

Kids are boundlessly creative — and Bangkok has a wealth of art studios to help nurture their artistic potential. Below are some of our favourite art schools and workshops for children.

Amy Diener Dots

Hi, I’m Amy Diener and I’m a lover of art, color, and travel! https://www.facebook.com/amydienerpaintings

Creating art is my way of expressing my life journey. Painting is a positive outlet that reflects my life and the world around me. I create detailed dot paintings of mandalas, animals, trees, flowers, portraits, and figures.
I paint dots because I find the painting practice to be extremely meditative, bringing me to a state of ”liminality” – a pause or space in between. It is this space where thoughts become silenced, and I become aware of the present moment. The process requires a lot of focus and repetition, embodying a steady hand and steady mind. Having a long history of battling OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), painting dots has served as a form of art therapy for me. It has helped me alleviate my suffering in unimaginable ways. This is why I love the work of Yayoi Kusama – she used her signature polka dot paintings as a coping mechanism for her hallucinations.

Mandala Dot Arts for kids

Art Issue Bangkok

Welcome to Art Issue BKK led by Teacher Ump. Art Issue BKK has been around since 2016 based in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide a fun, joyful and unforgettable learning experience through private art classes for kids ages 2.5 to 12 years old. Our classes are private 1-2 kids per class or online. We also offer exciting art camps, art birthday parties, and much more. Please contact ART ISSUE BKK if you would like your children to learn Art & creative learning for kids so that they can learn art in a fun way.

Art Issue BKK

Attic Studios

Situated in Sukhumvit Soi 31, the two-storey Attic Studios run a series of painting and drawing classes, including sessions specifically designed for children. Budding artists can try their hand at a range of mediums including graphite, oil, pastel, aquarelle, charcoals and even life drawing sessions. All teachers are either exhibiting artists or art teachers, so kids get the best possible grounding to learn a whole range of valuable skills and techniques.

Attic Studios Review

Clay Hobby Art Space

An art space where you can explore your creativity through clay work and other possible means, aiming of having enjoyably fun. Clay and Ceramics workshop.

Clay workshop for kids

Imaginia Playland

A children’s activity center encouraging kids to use their imaginations by exploring their thoughts and discovering new ways of thinking to fuel their curiosity. Ideally suited to younger kids age 1-11 their core concept is learning through play. Each of the themed play zones combines classic and contemporary play experiences together with digital interactive technology to enable children to get creative through art, music, literature and active play. There is a small library and a cafe on site.

Imaginia Playland

Little Footsteps

Little Footsteps is created by two sisters. The older sister Helen, is deeply passionate about books and reading. The younger sister Fany, enjoys working with children and creating activities which promote learning through play. We have created a children’s space that includes a library, art and craft room, a cooking room, a board game room, a music room, and a white room where colors explode.

Little Miracles

At Little Miracles we believe Helping others can be enjoyable, interesting, challenging and fulfilling. Speech and Language Pathology has always been appealing to us for these reasons, especially the area and we create unique classes to support kids and encourage their creativity as an outlet to develop speech skills.

Little Pea Kids Commons

Little Pea is a place where families can connect through enriching activities, multi-sensory play, and community events. There is something for everyone! This includes programs for little ones, kids, families, and expectant parents. You can splash at a Messy & Water Playgroup, jam during a K-Pop dance session, bake at cooking workshops, learn from local experts at their school break camps, or just drop-in for an afternoon of play. Adult classes range from first aid to childbirth education. Little Pea even specialize in kid’s birthday parties, too! Feel like staying home? Check out their at-home activity kits and virtual cooking classes. A world of wonder awaits.  Come join the fun! 

Monday to Sunday Art Cafe

Art classes for kids

Cozy Korean Art Cafe at Thonglor 13
FB: Artcafe.montosun
Tel: 098-8609041

Paron School of Art

Paron School of Art offers workshops in drawing,
painting and across a variety of different
processes within the visual arts for children,
adolescents and adults. Located above Baker’s Gonna Bake in Sukhumvit soi 26, our passion is to provide a space where our students feel safe to be and express themselves through art, no matter their background or skill sets. 

Our kids’ weekend programmes and holiday camps focus on age-appropriate access to the wonderful world of Art. Student artists learn new techniques and are guided to creating, and thinking, like artists. We draw inspiration from the natural world, the world of design, cultures, famous artists and of art movements.

Paron school of art classes


Pi[ck]nata! We are the Creative Piñata Studio in Thailand. We always  create wonderful Pinatas for every event and special occasions. We offer a Pinatas and party products deliveires across Thailand.


Playville offers themed camps during school breaks for kids aged 3-7 years old.

For younger kids (3-4 years old), our camps are focused on arts and crafts, messy and sensorial play, and story-based play. 

For older kids (4-7 years old), the camps are focused on design thinking, creation and innovation, and learning new life skills. 

The camps often include sessions with experienced educators or children activists who are experts in their field.Campers will also enjoy our indoor playground facilities before and after each session. 

PR Creative Artworks – Pavana Rani

PR Creative Artworks is a platform created as an expression of myself, incorporating the many aspects of the creative culture and expression and consisting of like-minded, members working on various inspiring projects with the platform. I am educated and experienced in the Art & Design Industry as a practicing, Visual Artist and Arts Instructor & Facilitator in South-East Asia.

Art workshops for kids

Poteri Clay Workshop

Located on Sukhumvit 49 in the Racquet Club complex, Poteri Clay offers the unique chance for adults and children to get to grips with the ancient art of pottery making. Workshops teach visitors the process of handbuilding, which involves moulding the clay using just the hands and a few simple tools. The technique isn’t easy, and patience is required! Students are then taught how to decorate their creations using colour glazing and painting techniques. A great family activity that both kids and adults have a lot of fun learning together.

Pottery for kids

See Saw Draw Studios

Total English immersion art and music classes for kids as young as 2 years. Draw, paint and compose stories with our native English teachers. We offer private piano lessons for children using Suzuki based methods for musicality and ear training.

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