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Little Imaginations at Lilliput Cafe


Nestled inside Bambini Villa on Sukhumvit soi 26, we found Lilliput; a very sweet looking kids cafe. I’ve never visited a kids cafe before where I have found myself getting inspiration for my home decor but that’s exactly what happened here.

About Lilliput

Lilliput Cafe is not at all what you’d expect from a child friendly cafe. Firstly, I need to explain that it is very different to other kid cafes; firstly you have to pay an admittance fee of THB 200 per child/hour on weekdays and 300b at weekends (adults are free once they order something) and the food is of a fantastic quality and the presentation is very impressive too.

When you enter the cafe it’s hard not to be impressed by the beautiful kids carousel at the entrance which was a firm favourite with my kids. The cafe has several different areas including a fully stocked beauty parlor with dresses and pretend make up, a camper van with outside bbq, a beautiful play kitchen area and shop filled with lots of high quality wooden foods and accessories where the kids imaginations can run wild. There is also a ball pit with an interactive wall (lots of fun, especially for the competitive adults) and the kids spent ages jumping in and out of the pit and on the soft play climbing area.

We were initially surprised at how gorgeous the cafe was and how well kept and presented the toys were. It then became clear that the many staff are constantly wiping down surfaces and keeping things tidy; very nice to see in the current climate.

The menu stresses the importance of good ingredients and our breakfast was very tasty. They have some quirky speciality coffees you can try as well as signature “ades” where you can have 2 different drinks in a specially designed cup. They even cater for the parents that perhaps require something extra as they also offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including wines and bubbles.

Our kids had lots of fun and were able to amuse themselves happily for 1 1/2 hours. I feel it would be a great place to go with friends for a special lunch and a play date but they would definitely be busier if they removed the admittance fee or perhaps this could be re-fundable on the food ordered.  

Things To Consider If You Go

Lilliput is situated inside Bambini Villa which is a small, family friendly mall which has plenty of things to do with kids and you could easily spend a day here. Socks are required on the play equipment, preferably non slip ones but they do sell them at the reception in case you forget. A good idea is to check with the cafe before you plan to visit as sometimes they are really busy due to private parties. A top tip is to check out their facebook or instagram pages as they often have promotions!

Essential Information

  • Location/Address: Bambini Villa, Room No A110-113, Soi Attakawee 1 Alley, (off sukhumvit soi 26) Klong Tan, Bangkok 10110
  • Nearby Public Transportation: BTS station Phrom Phong, then a 5 minute walk down Sukhumvit 26 Road.
  • Dates: Open daily but always good to check in advance as the venue may occasionally be closed for private events.
  • Times: Mon-Sun 9am – 7pm and 7.30pm at the weekends.
  • Ages: 6 months to 10 years
  • Contact: Call: 02 056 4338
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officiallilliputthailand/

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