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Inside Adventures At Imaginia Playland

I felt to write this review at the moment, I had to write it as a health conscious mum (and hand washing crazy person) trying to keep her kids entertained but also from the kids perspective.

As well as being an attractive play space and being super conveniently located within Emporium shopping mall; I was so impressed by the measures taken by Imaginia staff to keep the space spotless and the lengths they are going to limit the concerns of parents at this time

About Imaginia

Imaginia or “The Playland of Imagination” provides creative experiences to nurture childhood development for children aged 1-12. The play space uses digital interactive technology to enable children to discover their innate creativity through art, music, literature and play.  It’s a really easy venue to access as its located on the 3rd floor of Emporium shopping mall where there are food courts and many places to grab a bite with the kid after.

The space is made up of over 20 zones, each with its own unique activity and decor. 

As A Mum

There are so many unique and exciting zones within Imaginia to keep all children entertained. We have 3 children and they all enjoy different things so whilst one child adored seeing her creativity come to life on the Wonder Car, our son spent a long time trying his hand at being a DJ in the DJ canopy. 

The children are encouraged to explore and show their creativity in the different zones but there are also fantastic workshops where the children can work closely with the very attentive staff to create tasty treats or complete fun arts and crafts.

As well as workshops, the staff put on different shows throughout the day in the Imaginia Townhall and cater for many languages. 

A great bonus for me too was the ability to put my phone away for the duration of our time there. I was able to enjoy all the activities my kids were doing as Imaginia sends you copies of all the images taken throughout your visit (these are linked to your email address and any graphics created by your child is sent to you).

As A Kid

“ We loved Imaginia! We got to try lots of new things and it was fun to be able to email all our photographs and designs to mum so we could keep them”.

Overall, we all really enjoyed our time at Imaginia and will definitely return.

Things To Consider If You Go

Imaginia is a great energy outlet for young kids to creatively roam around and participate in its many activities. It’s suggested that you have a hefty meal before Imaginia’s 3 hour play time limit. Socks are required here, preferably non slip ones but they do sell them at the reception area in case you forget. They have monthly workshops for kids so it’s a good idea to check what’s on offer on their facebook page and then the kids can select which they are interested in. If you sign up as a member you often gets discounted tickets or access to some great promotions.

Essential Information

  • Location/Address: 3rd Floor, The Emporium Shopping Complex 622 Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand 10110Bangkok
  • Nearby Public Transportation: BTS station Phrom Phong, Exit 2
  • Dates: Open daily from 10:00 – 19:00
  • Times: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Ages: 1 to 12 years
  • Contact: Call: 02 664 8338
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/imaginiaplayland/

About our community Reviewer

This review was completed by BKK Kids community member Kay Ashton. If you’d like to also contribute as a member of our Community Review Team, just click here to sign up!

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