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KidZania: (More Than) A Full Day Of Fun

Kidzania FI

I brought my two boys, 5 and 7 years old, and their friend, 8 years old, to KidZania on a Saturday and they had a blast! Wow, what a cool place!

The KidZania Experience

KidZania is on the top floor of Siam Paragon and easily located right by the Siam BTS station. This wonderful place for kids is built like a city – with brick roads, shops, restaurants, vet clinic, bank, police station, barber shop etc. and a town square in the center… only it’s completely inside and air conditioned! There is even a fire station and hospital that feature a fire engine and ambulance blazing their sirens loaded with smiling kid faces. The ceiling is painted like a sky (think: the Truman Show movie) and, I do believe, it got darker inside as it was getting later into the evening.

At its core, KidZania seeks to provide children a “real world” experience. The way it works is simple: all the different shops or working opportunities take in a small group of children for about 10 to 20 minutes. Each place has staff that take care of your child and teaches them something about being a veterinarian, a fire fighter, a doctor, working in a peanut factory… the list goes on and on. And, the kids get to dress up as well according to each “profession.” Once a group has finished the activity they take in the next group. There is a queue area outside each activity and each child is given a queue number tag as you come up.

When you enter you get a card which you need to take to the KidZania bank where it will be exchanged for KidZania “Kidzos.” This money is used to “pay” for certain activities, and at other stations they were handed 5 Kidzos just for participating. The boys all had bills in their pockets as we left that we can use next time we go there… and there will certainly be a next time!

Tips For Your Visit KidZania

Sometimes we were lucky to only have a few minutes wait for an activity and sometimes we waited for the full 20 minutes. At one time, I got the kids MacDonalds, which is available inside (no outside food or drinks is allowed) and they sat in line and had hamburgers. While waiting we looked at videos I took of the last event, planed where to go next etc. so the waiting wasn’t that bad actually.

For parents, there is a restaurant at the city square where many parents sit and visit (or work) the whole time as their kids went around the stations on their own.

What We Loved Most About KidZania

It was Children’s Day in Thailand when we visited. On this important day in Thailand, KidZania had a special program where the kids got to be detectives and search for clues around the city, receiving a stamp for successfully figuring out each riddle. When the children had completed all the steps and got their cards fully stamped, they received a candy treasure. This was greatly appreciated by my boys and they were running in between the stations to complete their cards as fast as possible.

There is a photographer who takes pictures of your child in different costumes and you can opt to buy the photos at the shop. You can take photos yourself, like I did, and when you are not allowed to go inside the activity rooms you can always take a photo through the windows.

Things To Consider If You Go

We arrived after lunch at around 1:30 pm on a Saturday and stayed until 7 pm. In all honestly we should have arrived at 10:30 because there is simply so much to do! Getting my kids to leave before closing took bribery: “I will get you pizza for dinner.”

Essential Information About KidZania

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