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A Magical Dining Experience at Mocking Tales

Mocking Tales 2020 FI

I am forever amazed with all the wonderful themed cafes and restaurants that pop up around our wonderful city! When my kids expressed their new love for Harry Potter and all things magical, I didn’t think Bangkok would deliver… but it did!

About Mocking Tales

Mocking Tales is a magical or fantasy (think Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones) themed restaurant situated on the top floor of the popular J Avenue shopping mall. They offer a wide selection of food, homemade ice cream, coffee, crafted deserts and adult drinks.

What We Loved Most

Walking up the stairs, I have to admit that I was concerned that it wouldn’t live up to my promise of a magical experience but again, I was wrong!

From the second you walk into the restaurant through the large wooden doors, you are transported into a dark, gothic looking castle. Old books adorn the shelves, surrounded by stuffed owls in cages, elaborate candles hanging from the ceiling, cloaks, potion bottles and knights in armor. They add to the whimsical feel by playing “Harry Potter”-esqe music… an added bonus for my muggles.

My kids were delighted and instantly tried on the capes and insisted on multiple photographs of them surrounded by the incredibly intricate and instagramable decor.

So if you need to escape the pollution and venture into somewhere that feels straight from a page written about Hogwarts, this is for you.

Things To Consider If You Go

The menu is large and rather confusing. It is filled with themed cocktails such as “Dragon’s Blood” and “The Sea Witch” alongside photographs of their incredible presentations.

As a family with fussy eaters, we managed to find something for everyone to eat, but honestly this place is all about the desserts. “Poisoned Apple” was our choice and the dry ice added to the mystical feel of this delicious apple crumble. “Dragon’ Fire Breath” with its flaming cotton candy was a showstopper too!

Essential Information About Mocking Tales

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