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Dine In The Park at Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville FI

In the mood to ‘Dine in the Park’ with your close ones and friends? Come enjoy an evening at Chocolate Ville, a large outdoor restaurant designed to look like a European village where every corner is worthy of a photo. Complete with a post office, farm house, lighthouse, chapel, wine cellar and a lake with ducks and swans, this very large restaurant spans over 16 rai (6.3 acres) with a seating capacity of approximately 1000. With the cheery music playing across the restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re (almost) in Disneyland!

About Chocolate Ville

Situated on the outskirts of Bangkok, Chocolate Ville is a popular stop-over for tourists visiting Thailand. A fun place for everyone in the family to enjoy. You will find customers wandering around before sunset with their cameras before getting a table. Food here is fusion. You may want to try their signature dishes, the Original Pork Ribs or the German Ham Hock or perhaps some local favourites like the Spicy Sea Crab Roes with Mango Salad or Fish Tamarind Soup with Deep Fried Cha-am Omelette. There are over 200 wines to choose from and beers including Zoller Hof Weizen and Hoegaarden.

What We Loved Most

We love that there is no entry fee and all of the food is affordably priced. Chocolate Ville also has an ambience you won’t find anywhere else in Bangkok. It’s faux-countryside fun done right!

Other Activity Options

The houses at Chocolate Ville are also perfect for private events if you wish to have an indoor space. The restaurant is available before opening hours for wedding or magazine photoshoots. Advanced bookings required.
During holiday seasons, there may be performances and activities for children. Check online for updates.

Things To Consider If You Go To Chocolate Ville

Just recently Chocolate Ville introduced a new seafood menu. River prawns, Spiny lobsters and shells, all cooked in various delectable ways.

We would recommend taking a cab there as there are no train stations in the area. Most cab drivers are familiar with Chocolate Ville as it is a big tourist attraction. Approximately 20 minutes from Asoke area with light traffic. Travel time can vary greatly depending on time you plan to head there.

Ideal time to get there is 4pm to catch the last rays of sunlight for optimum photography and to allow a walk around before it gets dark. This way you will also avoid dinner time traffic jams.

Essential Information About Chocolate Ville

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