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An (Amazing) Day At Siam Amazing Park

if you’re looking for a day of fun for the whole family, and don’t want to travel far, Siam Amazing Park is a wonderful option. With a complete water park, amusement park and food market… there’s plenty for everyone in the family.

About Siam Amazing Park

Siam Amazing Park is the largest amusement park in Thailand and is a giant playground for kids of all ages. It’s organised into different areas, or zones, so there is something for everyone. You  need a full day here to discover everything, and be prepared to walk, as it spans across 119 acres of land!

There’s a huge water park, a dedicated amusement park with some pretty impressive rides and another areas that focus more on younger children, they even have a section dedicated just to Thai culture.

The Water World

The Water World has a huge wave pool. We were told that they have the largest wave pool in the world. While this was likely true when they opened in the 1980s, it’s still pretty impressive.

One of the highlights is definitely the multicoloured speed slide which is really high and where you slide very fast. No children under 150cms are allowed, as you are thrown into the air on parts of the slide and you hit the water pretty hard!

The Amusement Park

Inside the amusement park, you will find it’s organised into different zones according to the rides you want. Extreme zone has some pretty scary rides. The Vortex and Boomerang roller coasters were some of the kids favourites. Their legs hang over the side of a roller coaster as it spins them upside down and twists them as they are rising and falling. The coasters move really..really fast and make your head spin watching it!

The other ride worth a shout out is the Giant Drop, a super high free fall drop where you get a birds eye view of the entire park before you are dropped at high speed back to the ground.

All the rides have height restrictions for safety and occasionally we found some of the rides were closed.  We were told by the supervising staff that all the rides are checked at intervals by maintenance for safety and there are so many rides this didn’t really bother us.

You can then explore Adventure World, where you are taken through a Jurassic Park style adventure ride in small jeeps to see lots of different types of dinosaurs that used to roam the planet. It’s a great photo opportunity and seemed especially popular for younger kids.

Also, there is Family World and Small World, which boast lots of carousels, climbing and play areas and small swan style boat rides for younger children. We didn’t visit this area, as we had older kids with us who were more entertained by the extreme rides and water park but we saw lots of families with young children on the mini slides and rides having a lot of fun.

Finally, we did check out Bangkok World and had a look around at the Thai food stalls, there are lots of photo opportunities here as they have replicas of lots of the Bangkok landmarks and it’s also a good place to shop.

What We Liked Most

The giant flume super spiral water slide was amazing! This gets really busy at weekends and holidays but the staff at the top do a good job on checking kids ages and heights (no under 120cms), and make sure each person is far ahead before the other goes down. I highly recommend a rash guard for your kids though as there were lots of friction burns on the kids arms if they hit the sides!

Another favourite was the haunted house because it’s really well done and quite scary, especially with great themed music.

Things To Consider If You Go

What could be improved at Siam Adventure Park is the food area because there wasn’t much choice and it ran out really quickly. They also need more staff in the amusement area as there was only one person in charge of all the carnival games.

Top tip: check online before you go as they often have special promotions and this also saves time queuing for tickets.

Essential Information About Siam Amazing Park

About Our Community Reviewer

This review was completed by BKK Kids community member Roszalie Chidwick. If you’d like to also contribute as a member of our Community Review Team? Just click here to sign up!

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