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How To Choose A School For Your Children

BKK Kids Fall Winter 2020 Homepage

When deciding where to send your children to school, you need to consider many factors including language, location, school size, tuition fees and the programmes of curricula offered. In Bangkok there are an overwhelming amount of choices and this can sometimes feel like a daunting task.

So how and where to start? As far as a fully comprehensive guide on all international schools in Bangkok is concerned, once a year we publish our International schools guide. Here you can download a free copy and browse through a list of many different types of International schools, with the different curriculums offered, read features on different learning styles and more. This guide is updated annually and we strive to bring you each year, a more in-depth look at various schools and general information on early child development.

BKK Kids International Schools Guide 2020

If your really stuck and need some assistance, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] as we can recommend schools in your area, curriculum choice and maybe even put you in touch with some of our members for first hand advise!

To make things easier for you, below we have given you some considerations to help guide you through this important selection process and created a school selector check-list for you to print and take with you when visiting all schools here.

Identify Your Priorities

Identify your priorities in terms of a school near your home or office and how convenient this will be for travel. Moving around Bangkok can be a slow and frustrating journey which is why many families choose to live within close proximity to the school. Next is the choice of specific curriculum, an IB world school, the British curriculum or American curriculum and if you need a school that offers specific learning support or a pre-school for younger children as well as the secondary years. All school admission offices and web pages display a full list of yearly tuition fees so it’s a good idea to check these in advance. They will also show the additional costs for extra requirements such as, ESL (English second language) classes and school bus transportation.

Shortlist Your Schools

Time to now make a shortlist of the schools that meet your individual needs. It’s a good idea to speak to other people with children attending the schools, word of mouth is extremely helpful and you will find families usually won’t recommend a place unless they have had a positive experience. Albeit choosing a school is a very personal decision and sometimes you can make or break a connection during your actual visit.

Visiting The Schools

Visiting the schools you select is an incredibly important part of the selection process and try to always visit during school hours.  All schools will offer an accompanied tour of the schools facilities, sports arenas and cafeterias. You may request to visit specific year level classrooms to get a better feel of the size and nature of the classes. Here you can observe the teacher to student ratio, if teaching assistants are present, look at samples of class work and generally see if the students are engaged and happy. 

Ask Questions

A good idea is to come prepared with a list of questions for the school administrators, school hours, food choices, uniform requirements and opportunities for creative play and extra curricular activities. You may also request a meeting with the relevant heads of school to enquire into the schools mission statement and credentials for the schools faculty. Consider whether the school is accredited, what their child safeguarding policy is and what learning support they offer throughout the school. It’s also a good idea to request a sample of the school calendar and for older students a sample of a school timetable to determine the duration and amount of classes per day.

Apply To Several Schools

Do apply to several schools in order to keep your options open. Most schools will have a wait list based on different factors, year level, nationality and if any extra learning support is required. The school admissions department will be able to determine if spaces are available immediately or the length of any waiting list. You can also periodically enquire if more spaces have become available and discuss options of joining in term 1 or 2 if the school is able to only accommodate you later in the academic year.

Click here for a printable PDF version of our BKK Kids checklist to help you when viewing your potential school choices.

Good Luck!

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