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BASIS International School Bangkok – Open house

Welcome to BASIS International School Bangkok. Our school opened in August 2019 and is the 35th international school to open in the BASIS Curriculum School network. We prove time and again that with the right support and encouragement, all students can achieve academic excellence. How? We set the bar high and help students develop the confidence to clear it. Our curriculum, paired with our expert teachers, helps students achieve whatever they put their hearts and minds to. It’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and it’s inspiring. It’s what it means to learn at the very highest international levels.

Take a Sneak Peak

What happens when best practices from top education systems in the world—places like Singapore, Finland, and Shanghai—are infused with the creativity and spirit that defines American education? That’s what BASIS Curriculum Schools co-founders sought to answer after Dr. Michael Block discovered that students in his university classroom who were educated abroad were more prepared to excel in their studies, and when his wife, Olga Block couldn’t find a high school program in the U.S. for her daughter that matched the content depth of her own education from Eastern Europe. In 1998, they opened their first school in Tucson, Arizona. More than 40 campuses and twenty-five thousand students later, BASIS Curriculum Schools is looked to as the gold standard in preparing students with the content knowledge, critical thinking, and creative problem solving skills needed to be successful in an increasingly complex world.

Join Us For Our Open Day!

• Learn about how we inspire our students to love learning.
• Meet our teachers.
• Visit our classrooms, learning spaces, and state-of-the-art facilities.
• Enjoy refreshments as you learn about our special promotions.

Event Bonus – special discount for those who submit an application at the event.

Reserve your seat now! https://booking.readyplanet.com/b/ugvil8fq/3720

• 9.00-9.30am Arrival and Registration
• 9.30am Event begins in our Black Box Theatre
• Welcome by BASIS Management
• 10.00-11.00am Visit teacher classrooms and tour the campus
• 11.00-12.00am Application Process and Promotions. Light refreshments
*Children must remain with parents at all times.
*Masks and temperature check are required.

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