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Win a Beautiful Basket of Thai Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on August 12th each year. This day celebrates mothers and their contributions to our lives. What better way to show Mum how much you care than by trying to win mum our beautiful set of very special mother’s day gifts.

Del Luna cafe BKK  Ekkamai Soi 10

Contact : 095 459 8519
E-mail : [email protected].
Website/Page FB : https://www.facebook.com/dellunacafebkk

The only one Korean traditional dessert house in Thailand .We have many kind of homemade traditional and also modern Korean style dessert and beverage. “Del Luna Cafe The Super premium Traditional Korean dessert”

Swiss stye Macaron 1 set (20 pcs.) from Ronnies.macaron

Line : https://lin.ee/diwr37u
E-mail : [email protected]
Website/Page FB : https://www.facebook.com/Ronniesmacaron-103570781404892

Their wonderful Macaron recipe is from Switzerland and has been developed over thousands of trials and errors baked to received unique and tasty macarons. At Ronnies macarons, we offer chew and airy treats with smooth light cream fillings. All macarons are made in-house from the very first step with delicacy and hygienic being their main priority.
Their goal is to serve customers only macarons crafts from only the freshest and most sought after ingredients at an affordable price.

Botanical Candle and aromatics Heartcrafted in Thailand by reviver

Contact : 092 268 0240
E-mail : [email protected]
Website / Page FB : https://linktr.ee/reviverco , https://www.facebook.com/reviverco

Set 1

Reed diffuser 100ml

They delicately create the formula to help fill up your atmosphere with a pleasant smell that lasts around 30-45 days, each set comes with reed sticks and a bottle of perfume diffuser.

2 Petite candles 130g with 2 cloth bags

Hand-poured aromatic coconut-soy blend candle in gold tin with double cotton wicks

Scents : Like A Virgin, Mystic Kashmir

Greeting cards and Jasmine-like sola flowers in every gift set.

Set 2

Set 2 includes

3 Petite candles 130g with 3 cloth bags

Hand-poured aromatic coconut-soy blend candle in gold tin with double cotton wicks

Scents : Seaside Duvet, Like A Virgin, Mystic Kashmir

Scent stories

Seaside duvet

Our Seaside duvet candle was deliberately created to make you feel like you’ve just woken up in the very sunny morning with a sea breeze touching your face. Starting with the note of fresh laundered linen sheets and following with the note of blue sea that gives a feeling like the waves are taking away your woes.

Like A Virgin

Let the nostalgic and innocent feeling of youth envelope you with ‘Like a virgin’ scented candle created especially for time-traveling back to your childhood. Starting with our subtle and powdery ‘Cotton’ note, following with comforting and refreshing ‘Peony’ notes then the sweet and mild final touch from Vanilla, all conglomerates into whimsical, subtle and virgin memories of childhood.

Mystic Kashmir

Envelope yourself with the whimsical and luscious vibe of our Kashmir wood candle, enriching with earthy, woodsy and musky notes. Starting with cypress, resinous, slightly smoky with a sweet, balsamic undertone, followed by ambergris, amber and patchouli that anchor perfectly which creates the luscious, sophisticated and lingering sensations.

IMPORTANT: There are 2 steps to enter this giveaway:

1. Like the following pages on facebook and Instagram

2. Enter your email address in the space below!

The competition starts Thursday August 11th until midnight Monday August 15th – The winner will be chosen at random and informed by email, we will then deliver your Mother’s day gift directly to your door. Good Luck!

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Win a Beautiful basket of Thai Mother’s Day Gifts



One entry per person. Contest ends at 23:45 on 16th August 22.  Winner will Win a Beautiful basket of Thai Mother’s Day Gifts, we will be notified by email.

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