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Discover Charoen Krung with Go! Bangkok Tours

Located in Charoen Krung Soi 44 at the back of a street in Bangkok’s oldest Thai market, Go! Bangkok Tours aims to showcase the charms of the historic neighbourhood. Comprised of the Go! Bangkok Biking Tours Company and the newly opened Go! Thai Cooking School, the company hosts bike excursions and cooking classes in the Charoen Krung district. Both are a fantastic way to discover the sights, sounds and smells of old Bangkok, with opportunities to explore and witness firsthand the people and culture that create the vibrant atmosphere.

You can choose a biking-cooking class combo activity, a biking adventure, or a cooking class. The Go! Thai Cooking School opens daily from 9am until 9pm, with three different sessions, including morning, afternoon and evening classes. Working with an experienced chef, students will learn how to source the various ingredients before delving into the tastes and experiences of cooking and eating Thai food. They will also pick up special culinary skills and techniques.

Children and families are welcome. For bike tours, please inform the company in advance as baby/toddler seats can be prepared.

For further information about Go! Bangkok Tours, visit www.gobangkoktours.com and for the Thai Cooking School, visit www.gothaicookingschool.com.

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