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Getting to Know PAWS Bangkok

Looking for a pet (well, more specifically, a cat) for your family? It’s a good idea to consider adopting, rather than buying one. Not only will you help counter the pet overpopulation problem on the streets and in the shelters of Bangkok, you’ll provide a loving home for an animal that would otherwise have a very hard life. That’s where the Pet Animal Welfare Society or PAWS Bangkok comes in.

Founded in June 2012 by volunteers of the late SCAD (Soi Cat & Dog) organisation, PAWS Bangkok provides spay/neuter and veterinary health services, including vaccination programs and low/no-cost nursing care, for stray or community dogs and cats. Their aim is to humanely reduce the number of animals on city streets. They also run adoption programs from their feline-only shelter in Sukhumvit soi 93 (near Bang Chak BTS station), which houses about 80 cats at any given time. PAWS also promotes responsible pet ownership through outreach and education programs, often at schools, in Bangkok.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Adopt – PAWS has a number of cats and kittens looking for loving, permanent homes. Here are some things to consider before adopting a cat.
  • Foster – If you cannot commit to adopting, try fostering a cat if you have the space and time!
  • Volunteer – From playing with cats to assisting at events, volunteering your time makes a difference to PAWS’s work.
  • Donate – PAWS accepts donations of the below supplies to support shelter operations:
    • Cat food (canned or dry)
    • Kitty litter
    • Cleaning supplies (bleach, disinfectant, mops, buckets, brooms, large rubbish bags…)
    • Towels, sheets and blankets (new or used)
    • Deworming medications (Revolution, Advocate, Panacur, Drontal)
    • You can also make a monetary donation via PayPal ([email protected]) or as a direct deposit to Bangkok Bank account no. 096-0-627206 (n/o Amy Ann Baron; Emporium branch). Additionally, PAWS often has a table at the Bangkok Farmer’s Market with a money donation box; in-kind donations can be brought here too.

For more information, please email [email protected]. To learn about volunteer opportunities, contact [email protected].


Photo credit: PAWS Bangkok

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