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A Whale of a Time at Dolphin Bay Resort, Sam Roi Yot

Nestled between the mountains of Sam Roi Yot National Park and the glorious coastline south of Hua Hin, Dolphin Bay Resort serves as a fantastic family hideaway.

We’d heard about Dolphin Bay from a number of other families, but it wasn’t until we escaped Bangkok for a few days that we realised what all the fuss was about. And a warranted ‘fuss’ it was too.

Family friendly? Yes! Welcoming staff, accommodating to the nth degree? Absolutely! Perfect facilities for young children? Yup! And food good enough to write home about? Definitely!

What we hadn’t been told was just what the fabulous facilities entailed, including:

  • Two glorious swimming pools, with a slide, toys, hammocks and loungers. Shaded areas throughout the day (moving with the sun, of course), and decking for grown-ups that want a bit of peace and quiet from the kids.
  • An awesome play area that includes climbing frames, swings and toy carts to pull kids around in all day (keen dad required for this to work well)
  • A relaxing kids’ movie room in close proximity to the restaurant and pool, showing a range of films throughout the day. There are a host of toys for children to play with too, and the room is air conditioned in case some cooling down time is needed.
  • Books, drawing material, and arts and crafts available every day at a small additional cost

The accommodation was lovely. We rented two superior bungalows with pool views, so that little ones could rest from the heat of the day, while older children played on to the bitter end. The rooms were clean, fitting with the current wood/metal industrial style of Thailand’s interiors, and best of all, very reasonably priced. We paid 2,230 baht per night for one room with breakfast, max occupancy 2 adults, 3 children — perfect for our needs. Book direct with the hotel and you’ll hear about any deals they have at the time. Stay more than five nights, and additional room discounts apply.

Very relevant to our family was the 15% discount for international school staff. Be sure to let the hotel know if you work in one of the international schools in Thailand, and remember to bring your school ID as proof.

Now, this is just the resort. There’s a huge amount to do in the area, and we really didn’t give ourselves enough time to see it all.

  • THE BEACH: A huge highlight. Clean, long stretching white sand, full of shells of every shape and colour. Warm, clear water that stays shallow for miles. Perfect for splashing and swimming. You do have to cross a road to get to the beach, but it’s quiet, and was by no means a worry to us. We wouldn’t let our kids go to the beach on their own anyway. (Note: Be sure to find out if it’s ok to swim in the sea; there were warnings of jellyfish during our stay.)
  • Boat trips around the island: Organised through Dolphin Bay or privately direct from the beach – prices are very similar. There are life jackets, but we always take out own as they’re often a bit shabby on the boat for hire. You’ll likely see monkeys, flying fish, and on a good day, actual dolphins. This is well worth doing a couple of times to really appreciate the amazing scenery.
  • Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants: A great spread of independent and hotel food outlets to suit every taste.

And these are just the attractions in the vicinity of the resort. Activities and adventures, from water parks to jungle walks, caves and temples, snorkelling and so much more, are waiting for everyone to experience.

We would highly recommend Dolphin Bay Resort for a relaxing and enjoyable stay with your family. For more information, contact Khun Poon, the Manager at [email protected] or visit the resort’s website.

Dolphin Bay3

Image Credit: Dolphin Bay Resort

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