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5 Fun Ways to Cool Off in Bangkok

As Bangkok’s temperatures soar once again, don’t let the sticky weather sap your energy to get out with the kids. There are plenty of family activities on offer that are great for those too-hot-to-move days. Here are 5 top suggestions!

1. Bundle up at Snow Town

Adults get to chill while the kids make snow angels and snow forts at this Euro-Japanese alpine village. Located in Gateway Ekamai, Snow Town has its own snow area (admittedly made from fake flakes), a small ski slope, and a selection of Japanese restaurants, shops and a playground along Main Street. Adding a little extra magic, snow falls from the roof four times each day at 12:00 (11:00 on weekends) 15:00, 18:00 and 20:00. Admission is 80 baht for kids and 100 baht for adults, with boots included.

2. Make a Splash at a Water Park

Few ways beat cooling off than splashing around one of Bangkok’s sprawling water parks. There are a handful of options to pick from, including Siam Park City. Located in Khan Na Yao, this aging theme park still has enough to fill the best part of a day, with a variety of pools, rides and slides. The park boasts the world’s largest wave pool, along with shallow wading areas and mini-slides for little ones. There’s lots of shaded seating areas, making it easy to escape the sun in between your water-based frolics.

3. Ice Skating in Sub-zero Temps

When the heat gets too much, the sub-zero temperatures of Bangkok’s ice skating rinks offer a welcome reprieve. The huge Rink at Central Rama 9 is one of the top spots to get your skates on, with bright neon lights and pumping music. Along with free play sessions, you can get expert tuition at their figure skating and ice hockey school. Meanwhile, nervous little newbies can get help from the “practice penguins” to find their feet.

4. Head to a Cinema

Bangkok’s air-con-blasted cinemas represent one of the cheapest and easiest ways to escape the searing temperatures. But for a truly memorable experience, grab popcorn and catch a family flick at the 4DX at Paragon. During the movie, the theatre fills with mist, wind and sprays you with water (a great way to get everyone feeling refreshed!) Different scents are released to engage your senses, and your chair shifts and vibrates to mirror the action on screen.

5. Go Gourmet with Ice Cream

Combine cooling off with a sweet tooth-satisfying experience at one of Bangkok’s gourmet ice cream shops. The charming A Little Campsite (between BTS Ekamai and Phrakanong) is a top pick for families, with organic flavours and the option to make your own ice cream sandwich with soft cookies — a guaranteed hit with kids! Alternatively, head to Ghignoni Thailand on Silom Road. This gelato originates from Tuscany and only uses natural ingredients to create yummy classics, including orange chocolate, ricotta, and pistachio – made using real Sicilian pistachio for that authentic taste.

Photo credit: A Little Campsite

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