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8 Great Ice Cream Places in Bangkok

These days, going for ice cream has turned into a sit-down event. Cones of single flavoured scoops topped with sprinkles and a few chopped nuts is just so, well, vanilla. In Bangkok, artisanal ice cream boutiques have gone all creative with a once humble treat. Here are some of the best.

(This post was updated 13 MAY 19 – we had to remove 2 of our listings – Cafe Little Spoon and Tongue Fun – because they’ve closed. We’ll keep looking for more, or submit your suggestions to us here.)

Emack & Bolio’s

A familiar name for Bostonians, the quirky Emack & Bolio’s is available in Bangkok, with branches at CentralWorld, Nichada Thani, EmQuartier, Central Westgate, Siam Center and Mega Bangna. Indulge in their obscenely large scoops of creamy ice cream, with flavours such as Grasshopper Pie, Chocolate Moose and Original Oreo, topped with homemade hot fudge. Also, beat the heat with ice cream pizza, tangy fruit sorbets, frozen yogurt smoothies and decadent milkshakes. (Official Thai Facebook Page, Official Thai Website)

Milk Solid Nitrogen

At both the Central Ladprao and Convent Road branches, kids get to witness the magic of seeing ice cream whipped into creation in 30 seconds flat with a blender and blasts of liquid nitrogen. This ‘scientific laboratory’ approach isn’t just for show – the rapid freezing process stops ice crystals from having time to form, making the finished product’s texture far smoother. (Official Facebook Page)

Many Cups

What’s not to love about a self-service premium frozen yogurt bar… especially when they offer flavours such as melon, chocolate, honey lemon, berries, lychee and banana? The aptly-named Many Cups, with two locations at K Village and The Scene Town in Town, also features an impressive toppings bar, comprised of crunchy cereal, chocolate chunks and fresh fruits, that will get everyone on a high. Bonus: The store in K Village has a back door that leads right to a small playground. (Official Facebook Page, Official Website)

Farm to Table Organic Café

Getting kids to eat their vegetables is never easy, but this café, located behind Pak Klong Talad flower market, manages to sneak some into their frozen confectionary, using freshly grown produce from its own farm as natural flavourings. So when you’re taking a lick of your pumpkin, carrot or potato ice cream, you can do so knowing they’ve been made using wholesome ingredients. More familiar varieties include strawberry, passion fruit and chocolate. (Official Facebook Page)

Creamery Boutique Ice Creams

Bacon and egg ice cream anyone? That’s one of the more peculiar flavours you’ll find on the menu in this trendy little parlour in the Tha Maharaj Community Mall with a second location at the U-Center Dormitory. You might also be intrigued to try Bread Toast, Super Baby Milk Powder, or the obscurely titled Marry Me (a combination of vanilla and rosemary). A popular creation is one where the ice cream is served atop a warm, just-baked cookie. (Office Facebook Page for Tha Maharaj Location, Official Facebook Page for U-Center LocationOfficial Website)

Natthaphon Ice Cream

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for tradition. Located on Tanao Road (near Khao San), Natthaphon has been making ice cream for over 60 years, and the only flavour once offered was coconut. Just a few classic flavours have been added since then, including chocolate, coffee and mango. You can also add Thai-style toppings such as lotus seeds, corn and shredded coconut. (Unofficial Facebook Page)

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