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7 Great Locally-made Natural Yogurts

Yogurt is a popular food for babies and children, and often a go-to breakfast choice. We taste tested 7 locally-made natural yogurts, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; below are our impressions.

1. Yogi offers an assortment of yogurts in fruit flavours, such as raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, peach and mango. The yogurt is not as thick as Greek yogurt, and it has a nice, creamy texture. Also, the concentrated fruit content is at the bottom of the container, so you can choose how much sweetness you want to mix into the yogurt itself. Yogi is available at select Villa markets, the farmers’ market and Hope Fair; it can also be ordered from www.passiondelivery.com.

2. Innocent Cow features delicious Greek-style yogurt made from local ingredients, without thickening agents, preservatives or artificial flavours. The plain yogurt contains no fat or sugar. Other flavours include vanilla bean, strawberry and latte. Innocent Cow is sold at select Villa and Tops stores, as well as at Bai Miang and Pun Suk Organic.  The company also does home delivery.

3. The Yolida brand of natural, low fat and unsweetened probiotic yogurt is a great option for both direct consumption and cooking (including use as a starter for your own homemade yogurt). It has a mild flavour and is conveniently found at most major retail outlets, including Tops, Big C, The Mall, Foodland, Aeon (MaxValu) and Villa Market.

4. Natural Yoghurt is an unassuming local brand, offering both plain and tropical fruit flavours such as tamarind and pineapple, among more conventional flavours such as strawberry. The plain yogurt is more sour-tasting that other brands. Also, its consistency is less thick. It’s not bad, but it tastes better mixed with the sweetened fruit concentrate on the bottom of the container.

5. The plain yogurt from Dairy Home, a brand well known for their organic milk, is sweet with a pleasantly smooth texture and mild taste. Other flavours include blueberry and strawberry; the yogurt is readily available at hypermarkets and supermarkets around town.

6. For an organic and sugar free alternative, Homemade Cheese Company offers great tasting yogurts, including Greek-style, plain, cranberry, blueberry and strawberry. The company also features a variety of cheeses and dips, such as Hummus, Tehina and Tzatziki. Order directly from the company, or through www.passiondelivery.com.

7. Butterfly Probiotic Drinking Yogurt is a moderately sweetened plain drinking yogurt that comes in full and low fat varieties. Each offers a pleasantly piquant taste, with a thick consistency – a great alternative to other overwhelmingly saccharine drinking yogurts in the market. Butterfly drinking yogurt can be found at Villa, Lemon Farm, MaxValu, Foodland and other supermarkets.

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