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Woodnote – Natural Co-Playing Space for Kids


Just over an hour outside of central Bangkok in Nonthaburi Woodnote play space invites parents to leave behind their screen time and take the kids outside….. their natural co playing space offers opportunities for families to re-connect in nature and for kids to explore, create, spark their imaginations. With opportunities for kids to ride their bikes, try-out skate boarding, have fun on their scooters and play in amongst the trees in the mud, sand, water and enjoy the day surrounded by nature. Kids can choose to play down on the ground, deep in the mud or up in the trees, there is certainly lots to keep little hands and feet busy.

Woodnote was built in the nearby forrest to provide a space for families to be outside and away from the city, a place where kids can play while they listen to the birds singing. Woodnote focuses on Free Play [free-form activities] where kids can plan their own play time, set their own schedules, objectives and goals. In a world becoming more and more competitive kids are forced to focus on results and rewards from every activity. At Woodnote, we just want to see kids playing around, having more fun, smiling wider and laughing louder. That’s all we want.

There’s no better evidence of learning than when you are covered in paint and mud!

They have 5 Zones

Woodnote Ground : The Main restaurant and cafe serve food and drinks with a comfortable space to reserve while waiting for the children to unleash their energy or to sit and chill change the atmosphere between lovers Or friends can still get a special moment in the evening. sunset view Golden skies near Bangkok.

Woodnote Ground

Down to the Mud : Free area for playing mud, playing soil, playing with water and in the water, playing freely as you want. They have shower rooms available.

Down to the Sand : Over 4 rai of waterfront camping area provides privacy. with simple water activities make this camping experience more special. They are prepared to give you a very special experience. The way you don’t have to be tired to prepare and prepare any equipment. Just the mind is ready to come!

Up on the Rock : Track in the Forest area, a bike lane that we are proud to present. Change the view of cycling, playing Balance Bike, including activities. The most popular of this era is Surf Skate Rolerblade Skooter (
Limited to 12 people per round, private 🕰 Open Tuesday – Sunday 7.45-19.45) . Let it be a forest and feel the natural breeze. With the sway of leaves and grass, this exercise is more special than ever. (copy

Up on the Rock

Up in the tree : In woodnote we have a many trees. Let the children come to visit, eat, climb, try their strength and ability of small and large muscles. You can climb up to see the view, watch the birds, watch the trees, lie down in a comfortable hammock, or read a book.

Up in the tree

Address : Sai Noi District, at the address of No. 5010, Thawi Watthana Subdistrict, Sai Noi District, Nonthaburi 11150.

Call : 095 479 5997

Contact : Facebook Woodnote Natural Co-Playing Space

IG : woodnote.coplayingspace

Email : [email protected]

Line Official : @woodnotespace or click https://lin.ee/ZsOWg5Q

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