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Checklist for Language-based Learning Issues

No parent likes to see their child struggle in school, whether their difficulties concern reading, writing, attention span, or other behavioural  issues. Do you often wonder when to step in and get help? Below is a list of common concerns that can help parents better assess their child’s language-based learning situation.

For each issue below, determine whether is it relevant, and decide one how often the behaviour is exhibited in your child’s life: Never, Sometimes, Often, or Always.

  • Has trouble reading
  • Has trouble spelling
  • Struggles to sound out words
  • Struggles to find the right word or express themselves coherently
  • Cannot finish long sentences
  • Struggles to rephrase or say the same thing in a different way
  • Needs instructions repeated
  • Needs questions repeated
  • Lacks self-confidence
  • Avoids group activities
  • Has trouble paying attention
  • Has behavioural issues/frustration

If you answered Sometimes, Often or Always to several of the above, your child may be at-risk for a language-based learning disability. In addition to getting a formal diagnosis, you can use the summer holidays to get him or her some help.

BrainFit Studio is running summer programs which uses the principles of brain plasticity to help learners quickly build cognitive stamina and become better readers, develop attention and improve writing skills. For more info, please contact 02.656.9938-9.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored content from BrainFit Studio Bangkok.

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