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Visiting Laem Mae Phim, Near Rayong

Laem Mae Phim (Mae Phim Cape) serves as a perfect weekend get-away. Only 3 hours from Bangkok by road, located just past Rayong, this beautifully sleepy town offers a long, sandy beach, friendly locals and wonderful seafood.

If you’re looking for an easy trip with the kids, Laem Mae Phim is definitely worth a visit. Here are some things to see and do.

HTMS Prasae Memorial

For any naval enthusiasts, keen boatspeople, or war memorabilia fanatics, this is a must see. We’ve visited 3 times with my 12-year old son and he finds something new and fascinating every time. Not ideal for small people to clamber around on though. It’s free to visit, there’s plenty of parking and lots of little restaurants along the sea front.

The Boardwalk @ Tung Prong Thong, Ban Hua Khod Nature Reserve

Located in the same place is an amazingly well constructed boardwalk through the mangroves along the sea front. It takes around 45 minutes, in which time you’ll see so many different types of flora and fauna. Take a camera. It’s a walk into and back out, not a circuit route and not suitable for little ones, but older children love it!

Ao Khao Beach

Ao Khao is a very family friendly beach at the end of Laem Mae Phim. Fringing a little bay (and it is small), it has sun beds and umberellas, as well as a few nice restaurants facing the ocean. There are hotels set back from the beach which makes it really quiet, and they all welcome day guests if you want to get out of the sun for a while, and jump into a pool. Prices start from THB 200 per person.

Coca Cola Beach

Possibly one of the prettiest finds in Mae Phim, Coca Cola Beach is quiet, out of the way and everything you want from a Thai mainland beach: sun beds, wifi and restaurants. It’s safe, and the water’s shallow for quite a way so the kids can play easily. There’s not much shade but if you park up outside a restaurant and use them for your refreshments all day, you’ll get an umbrella too!

Turtle Preservation Sanctuary, Koh Man Nai

Reachable by boat from the main pier in Mae Phim, this glorious island is one of three set out around 5km from the shore line. Tickets should be bought a day in advance and parking is available at the pier. This is a must see for any nature lover. It was set up by Her Majesty the Queen to help counter the continual issue of sea turtle decline in Thai waters.

Khao Chamao Klang Pla Kang Waterfall

Around a 50-minute drive from Mae Phim, the beautiful Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park houses the spectacular Klong Pla Kang Waterfall, with seven levels stretching for 3km. You can climb up the falls but elements of the trek can be a bit tricky. There are places along the way to stop, rest and jump in the water to cool off.

It’s definitely worth the walk if the kids are up to it. There is a car park and shop at the start of the trail. The waterfall closes at 4pm so get there early.

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