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The Multitude of Vaccines – What to Get and When

Dr. Donna Robinson of MedConsult Clinic addresses common concerns about children’s vaccination schedule.

Vaccination schedules can be very confusing, especially if your child has grown up in several countries that have different vaccination schedules. You may find yourself asking the following questions: What vaccinations do my child need and when does my child have to get them?

To generalize, your child could receive over 20 vaccine shots in the first 18 months. The essential, recommended vaccination schedule that you should follow is below:

Vaccination chart

In some countries, the chicken pox vaccine is not given as it is a mild illness for children. Once you have had it, you are immune. However, the chicken pox virus can be dangerous for pregnant women and elderly who have not yet had the chicken pox; adults who have not had chicken pox in childhood should consider the vaccine later.

Other vaccinations that you may want to consider are the Influenza Vaccination (the Children’s Influenza Vaccination is available now at MedConsult Clinic), the Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine (IMOJEV) and the Typhoid Vaccination (TYPHIMVI).

Also, the summer holidays are fast approaching, and we recommend that you start thinking about whether you are up-to-date with your ‘Travel Vaccinations’. Below is a brief overview of the common travel vaccinations below, along with their prices.

travel vacc

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