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The Latest IB Career-related Programme at KIS International School, Bangkok.

Twenty-first century life places complex demands on graduates, which is why enabling students to develop self confidence, resilience, and develop their passions is an integral part of a holistic education. The Career-related Programme (CP) at KIS International School in Bangkok is a pre-university pathway for students in Grades 11-12 who have a known passion they intend to pursue. It encompasses the best of both IB worlds—the theoretical principles and academic rigor of the Diploma Programme (DP) courses, along with tailored career-related studies at a University level, and practical work experience. 

Cultivating life-long skills through experiential and personalized learning

The International Baccalaureate® Career-related Programme (IBCP) is another pathway for Grade 11 and 12 students, in particular those looking to engage in career-specific learning while gaining transferable skills and cross-cultural exposure. The programme is increasingly valued by universities as it leads to practical internships and increased employment opportunities.


Students study two to four IB Diploma Programme (DP) courses alongside distinctive career-related studies, plus the IBCP Core classes: a reflective project, personal and professional skills, and service learning. The result is a well-rounded student ready to continue the passion in a University setting.

The IBCP is a globally recognised qualification offered by 310 schools in 48 countries around the world. 

In 2022, KIS International School added the IB Career-related to its programme and became the first and only school to offer all four International Baccalaureate programmes for students ages 3-18 in Bangkok, Thailand.

University and Business Partnerships

Through partnerships with universities and companies around the world, students earn university credits while taking university level coursework. Experiential learning allows students to apply their knowledge and gain practical, real-world skills. Each IBCP certified school creates its own distinctive version of the CP to meet the needs, backgrounds, and contexts of its students. The IBCP curriculum can include art, business, drama, film and media, sports, culinary arts, fashion design, and hotel management. The coursework incorporates practical, hands-on activities such as work experience, industry visits, talks by industry professionals, and internships. 


Why the IBCP

The IBCP should not be perceived as less academic than the IBDP as it is just as challenging. In fact, the IBCP can involve more independent study and a higher level of self-discipline and organisation than the IBDP.

The IBCP consists of three key components: Career-related studies at a University level, IBDP courses, and the IBCP core.

• Combines academic and practical real-world approaches to learning.

• Offers an alternative pathway to pursue higher education, internships, or employment.

• Students take career-related courses that align with their passions, interests, and career goals.

• Students earn a high school diploma, IBCP certificate, and the potential to earn university credits.


Components of the IBCP core curriculum

Many families are familiar with the IB Diploma Programme (DP) for students in grades 11-12 that seek a more broad and holistic education in six different subject areas – Literature, Additional Language, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, and the Arts. Students taking the IB Diploma Programme do not specialize early and they can leave their university and career options open. Within the DP, students learn to question the status quo in all of their subjects by exploring Theory of Knowledge. They practice a balanced life by engaging in Creativity, Activity and Service, and solidify their skills for in-depth research, writing, and time management through an Extended Essay.

• A personal and professional skills course

• The study of an additional language

• A reflective project

• Service learning

KIS listing 2

Students in the CP develop skills for university and beyond

• Linguistic proficiency

• Critical thinking skills

• Maturity and responsibility

• Time management skills

• Strong work ethic

• Social and communication skills

KIS Secondary Open House Event

KIS secondary open house

Want to know more about the CP programme? Why not come Come explore our campus on Saturday, January 28, 2023 from 9 am until 12 noon to learn more about our Secondary School program.

The Middle Years Programme is an engaging project-based learning curriculum for students in grades 6 to 10. In addition to a comprehensive counseling model and commendable pastoral care program, students at KIS benefit from a low 1:8 teacher student ratio.

The Diploma Programme and Career-Related Programme are two pathways to university for students in Grade 11 and 12. They are both challenging and yet distinct in nature. The DP is the oldest and possibly best known IB programme that is nearly universally accepted at universities around the world.

Come and learn more about KIS International School and how our teachers are graduating inspiring individuals ready to take on the world HERE

Contact us at our admissions office at: [email protected] and 2274-3444. 

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