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The Benefits of Sudoku for Kids


How good does it feel to have a smart kid? Not just a smart kid but a kid with an edge over other kids. 

Amazing, right? 

Sudoku is a game recommended for kids to play when bored. Consider this game a double edge sword; while it entertains kids by introducing them to Sudoko is also becomes a learning opportunity for them. 

As a parent or a teacher, you can guide kids to identify and recognize numbers and meticulously place them within the grid. Even the youngest players will learn how to count and be smart enough to identify missing numbers using sudoku tiles

Sudoku is highly beneficial for kids because it helps them to recognize errors quickly, rationalize, and develop problem-solving skills. This will help them stand out in class and the workplace when they grow older. Problem-solving is a crucial skill in the workplace; it is a skill that few employers and employees possess. Introducing this puzzle game to your kid will give them this much-needed edge. 

A kid willing to make mistakes anticipates some outcomes, and is detail-oriented is a kid that will stand a better chance of surviving in this complex world. The game aims at determining which numbers fit in each empty square by using the process of elimination and logic. 

Encourages Kids to Think Outside the Box

You can find numerous Sudoku puzzles online for free for kids of different ages, from entry level (easy to expert). However, you must be careful when introducing this game to kids. The wrong approach may not be as rewarding. 

Here are four tips on how to introduce sudoku to kids. 

  1. Give them a goal

Introduce the kids to the basics first. They must know the goal to achieve with the game. It will motivate them and give them a reason to keep going. The main goal for Sudoku is to find the ideal placement for the numbers 1-9 in each row, column, and square. The tricky part is that you must use all numbers without repeating any in the same row or column. 

  1. Be Flexible 

Some people are intimidated by numbers and may think that sudoku is some form of mathematics. However, that’s not the case. You may decide to use different symbols to set up the sudoku puzzle. Numbers are better because they are easy to pick out and use. 

Observe your kid. If you notice they are comfortable with numbers, use numbers. However, if they are not, you can choose to use symbols or pictures. 

  1. Begin with an easy grid 

You are in the process of developing a strategic mind. Don’t bombard your kids with the toughest things at the beginning. The 9×9 traditional grids are usually very complex. Try using the 3×3 or 4×4 grid for your kids and go from there. 

Starting with the easier grids will give you time to educate the child on the difference between a row and a column, horizontal and vertical, and how they relate to each other. For the 3×3 or 4×4 grids, you can explain that they will only have to use numbers 1-3 or 1-4. 

They will have to figure out how to get all the numbers on the board, ensuring that no number appears twice or more times in every square, row, or column. 

  1. Start with a row that already has some numbers 

This strategy helps kids master the process of elimination and narrow down the possibilities. You can show them that there are already numbers in place and guide them toward solving the remainder of the puzzle. 

Allow the kids to figure it out by themselves, don’t be so eager to solve the puzzle yourself. You may give them clues, but it’d be hugely rewarding if the kid can identify the missing numbers. 

You may also trigger kids’ minds by placing the wrong numbers on purpose in the grids. Allow the kid to figure this out. 

All in all 

Sudoku is a mind-triggering game that your kid(s) will love. It will keep them busy while at the same time helping them acquire some crucial skills. Kids who play sudoku turn to develop problem-solving and rational thinking skills. 

Nevertheless, finding the ideal way to introduce this game to your kids is essential. The tips above will make your kid a sudoku expert in no time. 

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