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Story time with Susanna – Emotional Intelligence Expert for Kids

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Lockdown blues upon you? How about signing the kids up for an evening story time with emotional intelligence expert Susanna Nicol who has started a series of kids EQ Stories for the month of August. The first story launches today Wednesday 4th featuring the art of friendship. The series is designed especially for children ages 4-8 and the storybooks all have an animal theme. 

From the founder, Susanna: “EQ for kidz is the culmination of everything I’ve worked towards – my multicultural background, my degrees in Early Childhood Education and Developmental Psychology, my experience working with children in the home and school setting, my unusually high EQ and my passion for parenting skills. EQ for kidz is my passion and purpose.

Session 1: The Art of Friendship

The first session of the online kidz book club with Susanna introduces the importance of friendships, how sharing is caring and being beautiful is lonely. We will discuss how hard it can be to share sometimes – What is something that would be hard for you to share and why?

Rainbow Fish is the most beautiful fish in the ocean. He thinks he is very special because of his sparkling scales, and refuses to share his scales with the other fish. His friends become upset when he doesn’t share and begin to ignore him. Rainbow Fish is very lonely until he seeks advice from a wise octopus and discovers that he is much happier when he shares his beautiful scales with his friends.

Kidz will love making their very own rainbow fish and coming up with new ways to make sharing FUN!

Book your online session now with Google Meets. Just send Susanna a message to sign up!

Session 1 includes:

  • Ice Breaker: to warm up and start with fun!
  • EQ Skills: How to be a good friend, sharing is caring, “being beautiful is lonely”
  • Storybook: The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
  • Activity: make my own rainbow fish and discover fun ways I can share!
  • Free parent resource: book-related activity book

EQ Stories with Susanna will now offer 1 time slot per week:

Wednesday from 5pm – 6pm

There are limited spots available, so be sure to sign up with Susanna directly. The price of all 4 sessions is only 1,200thb. Drop-ins are available at only 350thb/session! Sessions are one hour long each.

The next Emotional Intelligence topic, EQ skills, and storybook will be announced next weekend.

For more information, feel free to drop an email response to [email protected].

About EQ with Kidz

The goal of EQ for kidz is to cultivate vital emotional intelligence and social skills in children ages 4-11, along with the help of their parents. Some of these practical life skills include self-awareness, communication, resilience, and empathy.

By building emotional intelligence skills through mindfulness activities and interactive games, EQ for kidz teaches young children how to recognize, understand, label, express and regulate (R.U.L.E.R.) their emotions. Susanna also coaches parents with proven techniques and tools to become lifelong ‘Emotion Coaches’ for their children, which helps families connect on a deeper level.

The EQ program, which includes 10 2-hr sessions of emotion coaching with Susanna has 3 main objectives: 

1. Empower children ages 4 -11 by training their emotional and social skills in order to become successful, happy and healthy adults.
2. Guide parents to become lifelong “Emotion Coaches”, connecting in a more meaningful and positive way with their children.
3. Improve parent-child relationships and create a more peaceful, loving home environment.

Along with providing individual and small-group training programs based on the latest research, EQ for kidz also facilitates parent workshops on communication, empathy, and self-regulation at international schools and throughout the community.

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