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Passion Delivery – Bringing Bangkok’s Best Artisanal Foods Direct To Your Doorstep.

Bangkok’s delivery services are now a necessary part of life during these days of social distancing and prolonged periods at home. Passion delivery are a team who are passionate about food and cooking and provide a home delivery service that focuses on bringing artisanal food and drink items directly to your door step. We have all experienced those frantic moments scrambling to pick up good quality foods that our families love in between work and other tasks; it certainly isn’t easy with traffic and the fact that suppliers are scattered all over town.

Passion Delivery’s mission is to consistently give customers the highest quality products without the hassle of running from store to store, and they have become very popular especially during the global pandemic which has found us all staying at home to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. They carefully select and deliver over 400 artisanal and gourmet foods from 35 of Bangkok’s favourite suppliers, including Conkey’s Bakery, the Accidental Butcher, Sloane’s, Gourmet Pie, Homemade Cheese Co., Yellow Spoon Pastry, Roots, Twist and many more. Orders can be placed online at www.passiondelivery.com and delivered within 48 hours in Bangkok. Non-perishable goods can be shipped nationwide, and a Pattaya delivery schedule has been implemented.

“From Japanese, Australian and Wagyu beef steaks, bread, cheese, sausages to award winning wines, craft beers and more, shopping at Passion Delivery means no more getting stuck in Bangkok traffic or searching for hard-to-find products. Everything can now be purchased from one place and delivered in one go, it’s a one-stop shop for artisan products offering great service, fast delivery and easy payment methods.”

Also, “we’ll keep adding more products to our list and we are open to suggestions about what customers want and we’ll try hard to secure those goods on our website.”

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