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Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. In addition to promoting physical well being, regular exercise brings countless physical, neurological, social and psychological benefits. To develop good exercise habits at an early age, children should be encouraged to include exercise into their everyday routine. Try to combine their natural enthusiasm and energy with a fun activity that they enjoy from early climbing of trees to catching and throwing a ball. In this way, exercise will become not only a habit but also an eagerly anticipated activity. When exercise becomes a regular event, the benefits increase exponentially.

With all the technological distractions available today, getting kids started in a regular exercise regime and then maintaining their interest is not as easy as it once was. For this reason, it is essential that one or both parents, as well as any other family members, such as older siblings or cousins, set a good example by modeling the activity and encouraging the child to keep exploring different types of exercises and sports. Try to get involved in whatever sports your kids enjoy, take up running around the park with them, encourage family fun bicycle rides or challenge them to take up and try out new sports to gently push them out of their comfort zones. Make sure they understand the importance of stretching before and after any vigorous exercise to warm the muscles up and cool them down to prevent strains. Make this into a fun family activity at weekends and remind yourself of how flexible you used to be!

Promoting Exercise as a Habit

The key factors in promoting exercise as a habit are to have fun, to socialize and to be safe. Exercise, especially for children, must be an enjoyable activity. If children regard exercise as a chore, they will soon lose interest and motivation. For most kids, playing a sport is far more enjoyable than just exercising. Whether playing an individual or a team game, playing sports can also make exercise a social activity, which is another great way to make it into a fun habit. Whether exercising or playing sports, the activity should also be as safe as possible.

Parents can help to minimize the risk of many types of sport and exercise injuries simply by being informed and taking a few preventative measures. For physical contact sports, be sure to buy the necessary protective equipment for your child and emulate safety to them when riding a bike for example or diving and wakeboarding. Remember, some minor bumps and scrapes are inevitable when children play sports but the benefits of physical health to your kids far outweigh any minor scrapes they may get into.

Encourage them to try-out for numerous school sports teams until they find something that is a good fit for them. If they don’t make the team just remind them it’s all about the fun of playing and loving the sport, perhaps try to help them look for sports clubs or teams outside of school that they can get involved in.

Above all instill in your kids it’s OK to fall or fail, it’s all part of the sports learning journey. A healthy and active child is far more likely to grow-up to be a healthy and active adult and let’s face it, sports opens up many opportunities both socially and professionally and motivates them towards healthy life skills.

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