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Speedy Go-Kart Fun at EasyKart

Easy Kart 7

Now this is something to do at your next child’s birthday party or just get a group of mates / colleagues together for some friendly competition!

About EasyKart

EasyKart is located above Tops Market on the 2nd floor of the RCA Plaza on Rama IX road. One race is 500 baht for kids and 600 baht for adults / teenagers for the regular karts. If you want to have a faster kart it’s 100 baht more, and it will get you from a maximum speed of 35 km/hr to 55 km/hr instead. For kids the age limit is 7 years old and the height requirement is 125 cm.

Lockers for your handbag are free and so are the helmets and racing suit (if you like to have one). Important: you can not race in slippers or sandals, so bring socks and regular shoes/sneakers or you can rent them for 90 baht.

What We Loved About Easy Kart

We arrived on a Saturday at opening time at 1 pm, and it was not too busy.  There are plenty of go-karts and each session is 8 min long, which sounds short, but it is a good 5-6 laps around the track, so the waiting time wouldn’t be long even if other groups are there.

My son just made the height requirement by 1 cm, so he got all excited about getting in a go-kart for the very first time. After we signed in, we all sat down for a safety talk with the friendly owner, David Cochrane, before heading downstairs and on the track. Our helmets were checked to be the right size and that we could only 2 fingers in between neck and buckle strap before the go-karts were turned on.

My son and his friend went out first with a 5 second start gap and we parents followed thereafter. When you have finished you will get a print-out stating your best lap times and how you compare to others in your group, as well as the best times from other groups, so it’s easy to become a bit competitive.

Things To Consider If You Go To EasyKart

If you haven’t driven a go-kart before I can tell you that there is really nothing to it. You accelerate with your right foot and brake with your left. Both hands on the wheel and just turn. No need to have a car license or to be a confident driver to manage the track. As long as you keep your distance you can overtake one another and drive at the speed you are comfortable with.

There is a bar and pool table that will keep you entertained while you are waiting for others or in between races if you choose to drive several times. I think that we will opt to go for 2 x 8 minutes next time as it was lots of fun and it does get your adrenaline running. They are opened until midnight every day so I can imagine it to be fun going with colleagues one evening after work.

Should you want to have your child’s birthday party here, you can have the whole place to yourselves! It will be arranged in the morning, before they open at 1 pm, and the kids will have qualifying heats and a final race at the end for 1500 baht per child. David says he can be flexible as to bringing in your own food, cake etc.

Essential Information

  • Location / Address: 31/11 RCA Plaza, 2nd floor, Rama IX Rd, Bangkapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10320
  • Nearby Public Transportation: Phetchabrui MRT (then taxi)
  • Dates: All dates
  • Times: 1pm to 12am
  • Price: 500 – 800 THB
  • Ages: 7 years and up
  • Contact: 02 203 1205 ext. 24

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