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Cultivating Budding Artists with Attic Studios

Attic Studios Review

Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist” and this is definitely the case for every child that walks through the doors of Attic Studios.

About Attic Studios

As they self describe, Attic Studios “has a long, colourful history, right in the bustling heart of Bangkok. [They] provide friendly and supportive fine art instruction for kids, teens & adults.” Located in the heart of Sukhumvit, Attic is easy to get to and there are plenty of options for parents around the area as well while the kids are in class.

Attic Studios 4

What we loved most about Attic Studios

Our 7 and 9 year old attended the Attic Studio’s Saturday morning art class (every Saturday 10am-1pm)  and enjoyed every minute. Mr. Spencer greeted the kids and made them feel instantly welcome and introduced them to their classmates for the session and connections were made. The environment is warm and creative as well as educational and fun.

Mr. Spencer’s teaching style is lively and informative and our kids (one artistic and one not so much) really enjoyed his supportive style and were eager to work.

Attic Studios 2

For the lesson, the children were focusing on abstract design pop art and studying composition and balance. The children were  encouraged to look at animals and interpret them into shapes; all whilst learning different techniques and taking inspiration from the artist Lois Mailou Jones. 

We my partner and I arrived, 3 hours later, we were greeted with two very happy kids with works of art that they were so proud of and to be honest, they were really great paintings that we look forward to displaying. 

As a parent, I felt really comfortable leaving the children in the safe hands of the lovely team there as we went for a coffee and we were very happy with the end product and the kids overall experience. We asked our kids for their views about their time at Attic Studios and both loved their session and are eager to go back. It’s a win win. 

Other Things To Do Around The Area

Without a doubt, most parents will love stopping by Holey Artisan Bakery, which is just across the street from Attic. Their selection of delicious baked goods and rich coffee / tea drinks are some of the best in BKK. There are also many other restaurant options around the area that are just a short walk from Attic.

Attic Studios 1

For those who need to take care of some shopping or would like to work for a bit, Attic Studio’s location is central to Terminal 21, Emporium / EmQuatrier, The Hive shared office space and much more.

Things To Consider If You Go

Because Attic is popular and conveniently located, classes to fill up! Make sure you book ahead by dropping them a message via their Facebook page.

Essential Information About Attic Studios

About Our Community Reviewer

This review was completed by BKK Kids community member Kay Ashton. If you’d like to also contribute as a member of our Community Review Team? Just click here to sign up!

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