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Socialgiver: Fueling Social Impact via Travel & Lifestyle Experiences

As the holiday season approaches, you may be stumped for ideas on presents for friends and family. How about gifting a memorable dining or travel experience in Thailand? And even better, how about one that come with a positive social impact?

This is where Socialgiver comes in. An award winning lifestyle and travel platform, the site connects consumers, businesses and social projects in a win-win-win giving economy. For consumers, under the motto “Live a lifestyle with a social twist”, Socialgiver.com offers the best deals from leading hotels, restaurants, and activities across Thailand, creating shared value from spare capacity (unsold hotel rooms, seats and tickets). They then donate 100% of profits from every purchase to impactful causes. For example, through Socialgiver.com, you can now have your next holiday put less fortunate children through school.

For businesses, over 160 leading brands are giving back with Socialgiver, seeing increased revenue and reduced costs as a result.

Social Mission

Every year, hundreds of social projects in Thailand fail due to a lack of funding – leaving vulnerable people, animals, and ecosystems without the support and solutions they need. These problems continue to grow at a pace that cannot be matched by resources made available to the social sector. Moreover, the lack of public awareness and participation means that any chance of solving large-scale social and environmental problems are greatly diminished. Thailand needs a new, sustainable, and scalable solution: one that includes every party.

Social Impact

Socialgiver focuses on three key outcomes:

  1. Fighting Poverty: Creating access to quality of life (e.g., access to clean water, energy, healthcare)
  2. Empowering People: Providing opportunities and tools for everyone to maximise their potential (e.g., education, disability, rights & equality)
  3. Sustainable Lifestyle: Enhancing lives in all aspects to create a better society for all (e.g., health, wildlife conservation, environmental efforts)

Today, Socialgiver has impacted over 20,000 lives through 26 social projects, with a goal to impact 100,000 lives by 2019.

“Access the giving economy” by trying a brand new way to support local projects by breaking barriers between consumer spending and donations. Changes in our consumption habits can fuel impact, often where change is needed most.

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