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Salary Guide for Domestic Helpers

We often get queries regarding how much to pay domestic helpers such as maids, nannies, cooks and those who perform a combination of such jobs. The following is the general range of monthly salaries for helpers fulfilling single and multiple roles.

Maid: 14-16,000 baht (with English), 12-14,000 baht (without English)

Cook: 16-20,000 baht (with English), 16-18,000 baht (without English)

Maid/Cook: (as above)

Nanny (newborns): 18-25,000 baht (with English), 12-22,000 baht (without English)

Nanny (other ages): 16-20,000 baht (with English), 14-18,000 baht (without English)

Nanny/Maid: (as above)

Nanny/Maid/Cook: 18-25,000 baht (with English)

Part-time Maid: 150-200 baht per hour

Driver: 18-20,000 baht+ (typically working Monday to Friday)

The salary for various domestic job varies according to the applicant’s relevant skills and experience plus the actual job requirements. For example, specifics affecting the salary of a maid/cook could be that she may need to have experience in preparing international cuisine or dinner for a number of guests on certain occasions rather than just the family.

Regarding nanny positions, looking after newborns needs a very different type of expertise than that required to look after toddlers. Taking care of more than one child or having sole charge of the children during the day because both parents work, and whether the job is five or six days per week, all have an effect on the applicant’s eligibility and their salary expectations. These factors are carefully considered during our search for suitable candidates so as to avoid sending inappropriate candidates for you to meet. Although compromises are sometimes needed to satisfy both the family and nanny, by working together we can usually find the right candidate first time round.

It is worth remembering that the person you hire works without the security of a Contract of Employment and is effectively “self-employed”. Establishing a good working relationship is vital to a successful long-term placement, and we set out some pointers below for helping to achieve that aim.

  1. Pay them well. Don’t scrimp when it comes to the person taking care of your children. Don’t give them only what you are absolutely required by law to pay. Give them the bare minimum and it will be just a matter of time before someone recognizes how much your nanny is really worth and is willing to pay them accordingly, and your children lose their nanny.
  2. Treat them well. They aren’t servants, and certainly not your friend or family — they are “valued employees” and should be treated as such. As with monetary compensation, if you don’t treat them well, other families will.
  3. Give them their own time and space. Having a live-in nanny doesn’t mean she is on call 24/7. She needs her own life, her own space and her own time. On her day off, leave her alone. A pleasant work environment ensures that everyone is happy.
  4. Be kind, patient and generous. In return, you will be rewarded with a loyal employee.

Good staff are hard to find in Bangkok. If you are lucky enough to find someone that you like and trust and who carries out their duties well, look after them.

Editor’s Note: Nitiporn Hempstead is the owner of Nitiporn’s PNA (Professional Nanny Agency) Ltd. For more information on PNA, please visit their website.

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