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Necessary Attributes of a Violin, Piano, or Theory of Music Teacher

The violin is generally acknowledged to be one of the most challenging instruments of the orchestral family to learn to play. Mastery of the instrument requires enthusiasm, application and dedication. The most important factor of all however, is the selection a suitable violin teacher.

Unless one is in capable hands, progress and ultimate musical satisfaction will be limited at best. However, learning to play the violin (or piano or any other instrument), under the expert tutorage of a competent sympathetic teacher, will prove to be an enjoyable, challenging, and ultimately life enhancing adventure.

What then are the necessary attributes of a good teacher?

There are several factors to take into consideration. Good teachers possess the qualities of technical and musical competence, excellent communication skills, a charismatic persona, significant teaching experience, an empathy with a student’s situation – and above all others – an infectious enthusiasm, which inspires and instils in his or her protégés a fervent enthusiastic desire to please their teacher – and in-so-doing –  to achieve their fullest potential.

Good teachers are few and far between, so when you find one, do not squander the opportunity!

Experience and Musical Competence

It is advisable that one chooses a Bangkok instrumental teacher, who has several years of teaching experience under their belt – not one who is “learning on the job”!

Lots of Flexibility

A good teacher has an open mind and is not stuck in their ways – married to one particular methodology – but is constantly honing their art; reviewing, reappraising, recalibrating; and incorporating any new ideas and material, which where appropriate will ameliorate their student’s particular skills.

Every student is an individual. The best teachers recognize this; and will customize their approach to suit the specific needs of their protégés.

The Right Qualifications

One should choose a suitably qualified teacher, who has been professionally trained to a high level of competency at an internationally recognized music college or conservatoire. This will ensure that the selected teacher possesses the necessary technical and musical skill set required to “deliver the goods”.

An Understanding that Music Should be Fun!

A successful student/teacher relationship hinges upon mutual respect, and an instilled desire on the part of the student to emulate the skills of their mentor.

Good teachers are always open minded, and willing to encompass their student’s areas of interest by customizing their teaching material, to include these preferences in the overall teaching curriculum, whilst still retaining pedagogical integrity.

A Proven Track Record

Be sure to choose a teacher with a proven track record stretching back several years and who currently continues to deliver student success, confirmed by external assessment – e.g., ABRSM National High Scorer awardees, scholarship winners, etc.

The above photo depicts Lawrence receiving certificates in recognition of his successful ABRSM High Scoring winning students, who attained the highest mark in Thailand in 2015 in their respective grade categories.

Word of Mouth Recognition

Look for a teacher with numerous glowing testimonials from respected professionals

Open Management Approach

One of the failings of many Teacher/Parent/Student relationships here in Thailand is that unfortunately, they often do not really exist!

It is essential, that parents are kept “in the loop” at all times by regular lesson attendance; thus, ensuring that they know exactly what transpires in the lessons and enabling them to complement the teacher’s work by imparting informed encouragement to their children at home.

Effective Communication

A good teacher possesses the ability to successfully communicate and inspire in a friendly, convivial, and competent manner.

Look for a teacher who loves their art, for whom nothing is too much trouble, who is always approachable, and one who puts students at their ease; thus, ensuring absolute comprehension and fulfilment at all times.

A Specialist in their Field

One is best advised to choose a committed specialist teacher, for whom teaching is their prime vocation and occupation, and not a secondary subservient pastime for whom teaching is just a lucrative, additional “string to their bow”.

Be prepared to travel – and to pay a little more, for a superior service.

Experienced established professionals have their own studios, and charge professional rates that reflect their expertise and experience. They do not make home visits. Parents who want the best for their children should be prepared to travel to a quality teacher who they respect, secure in the knowledge this commitment will be rewarded.

An Inspiration to Students

An inspiring violin/piano teacher in Bangkok possesses the ability to empathize with their students, emanating an infectious love and enthusiasm for their art, and exhibits an altruistic desire to develop their student’s musical talent to its fullest potential.

Such a teacher will inspire the student to attempt to emulate their teacher’s skills to the very best of their ability – even if it is only at an enjoyable amateur level.

Teacher Lawrence… a prime example of such a pedagog, who exhibits in abundance all the necessary desirable attributes recommended in this article! Read more at www.violinteacherinbangkok.com.

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