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“Live Bone” Performance & Workshop for Kids

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok, is presenting “LIVE BONE”, a dance performance by Kaiji Moriyama, Kodue Hibino and Kohske Kawase as a part of the very first Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Festival (BICT Fest) 2016. The performance will be held at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) from Friday, 1 July, to Sunday, 3 July 2016.


LIVE BONE is the work of three creators: Dancer/Choreographer Kaiji Moriyama, Costume Artist Kodue Hibino, and Composer Kohske Kawase.  They are a powerful team from a famous television program called “Karada de Asobo” (Let’s get movin’!) on NHK (Japan’s National TV).  The focus of LIVE BONE centres on different body parts, their functions and soul, sending a broad message covering life and death of a living thing.

Opening this performance with the theme of “bones”, Moriyama enters the foyer clad in a surreal skeleton costume featuring a long tail and enormous skull. He shocks and delights audiences with his visceral and energetic movement. He then proceed to work his way through all the organs of the body, fluidly adding and removing different costumes as he showcases his signature combination of flexible bending movements and sharp, sword-like choreography. Audience members of all ages connect instantly with Moriyama’s performance and easily engage with all the concepts being presented.

LIVE BONE is unique and fun, and its three creators, Moriyama, Hibino, and Kawase, hope it reaches people’s hearts, putting stars in the audience’s eyes after the show.

Show details are as follows:

1st Performance: Saturday, 2 July 2016; doors open at 2.30pm and the show starts at 3pm (40 minutes in duration and suitable for all audiences)

2nd Performance: Sunday, 3 July 2016; doors open at 2.30pm and the show starts at 3pm (40 minutes in duration and suitable for all audiences)

Tickets are 450 baht per adult and 150 baht per child (up to the age of 16); for reservations and more info, please call 081-441-5718 or 099-009-3172 or email [email protected].

About the Workshop: “Let’s do the hand washing dance!”

In addition to the above performance, Kaiji Moriyama will conduct a free movement-based workshop for children ages 5 to 10 on Thursday, 30 June 2016, from 11am-12.30pm at Sodsai Pantoomkomol Center for Dramatic Arts at Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. Titled “Let’s do the hand washing dance”, the workshop teaches kids a fun dance while emphasising the importance of washing their hands for good health. More information on the dance can be viewed here.

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