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Learn Thai Language With Thai Reading Tree Books

Learn Thai Language With Thai Reading Tree Books

All kids love reading and it’s and easy and fun way to spark their imaginations and develop their Thai language skills from an early age. The “Thai Reading Tree” books are ideal for both Thai first language children and any kids who want to improve their Thai reading and speaking skills. The books were developed by the team of academics from the Happy Reading (ThaiHealth) that supports the health of children, youth and families. They are also suitable for young children who start learning the Thai language and can help children learn vocabulary, reading comprehension, and systematic thinking skills. Stories in the books portray the Thai culture, way of life and social diversity. The books were developed and based on the Oxford Reading Tree, Sunshine Classics, and Fountas & Pinnell. Many parents and teachers have confirmed after clear assessments that their children can easily read Thai texts and comprehend the stories and ideas. The books have 5 levels with stories and handbooks forming a collection of 30 books, each level is both age and fluency appropriate and children and progress through each level as their skills improve.

Level 1 has 6 books in total

Sook Entreprise
  • Interpretation skill improvement from pictures
  • Scenes with which children are familiar as the plot for easy reading comprehension
  • Familiarize children with reading and the story is told from left to right

Level 1+ has 8 books in total

  • Exciting with a story plot beyond expectation
  • Memory improvement in children with repetitive and short sentences
  • Familiarize children with reading and the story is told from left to right

Level 2 has 6 books in total

  • More complicated plot with exciting story
  • Repetitive sentences with changes in some words for children’s easy reading
  • Questions to create children curiosity

Level 3 has 5 books in total

  • Exciting events to follow
  • Relevant stories to make children feel connected
  • Thai tales and literature in the story

Level 4 has 5 books in total

  • More emotional attachment
  • Reading enhancement
  • Better children’s understanding of a character’s personality

Tips For Children’s Reading Development

  • Transform reading into playing and choose books that help your children learn language skills through fun stories and interesting characters.
  • Create an environment that encourages reading, find a quiet and comfortable zone for your children when they have free time and want to sit, relax and read a book.
  • Make reading interesting, encourage imagination with gestures and tones to help your children enjoy reading.
  • Read to your children as a role model, children will develop the habit of reading and become life-long readers, it also builds good family relationships.
  • Thai Reading Tree books can be purchased at https://bit.ly/3vzABlt and are ready for delivery.

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