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Le Smash Tennis Academy

Le Smash Club is a tennis academy and club providing great tennis facilities which include 7 light-ons plexipave courts, a pro shop, a restaurant, locker rooms and is a great place to bring kids to learn tennis at our Junior tennis programme. We are located on rama 3 soi 64 and our goal is to bring families together to enjoy tennis in a friendly atmosphere. Our social events range from juniors to adults and watch out for the competitions where you can experience tennis beyond just a sport.

Junior Tennis Academy

Le smash Club offers a great variety of programs that answer to different goals in tennis. The junior academy starts with 4 years old children and goes all the way up to 18 years old. The classes take place during the Week (Monday to Friday) after school at 5pm, and every Saturday Morning from 9am to 12pm. All sessions are coached by our international head coaches, with a maximum of 4 children per court, arranged by age and level.

Le Smash Club also offers a program adapted to the International Schools. We can travel to the schools and/or the schools are coming to the club. We have already worked with schools and clubs including Garden International School, Topsyturvey, LFIB (french school), British Club Bangkok, English in Bangkok.

Holiday Training Camps

tennis camp

If you want your child to improve their Tennis skills fast, we have the answer to this!

During every school holiday, we run our weekly tennis camps from Monday to Friday, during 3 hours of training each morning we cover every aspect of the game to help your child improve their footwork, technique, strategy, mental and match play skills. Playing Tennis in a group helps also your children to respect basic rules, live in harmony with others and built their own personality. Follow us on facebook to stay up to date with our seasonal camps.

Adult Training Programme

We are running adult group sessions for adult players of all level in the evenings and mornings. Our goal is to help all players to improve all aspects of their game (technical, tactical, physical and mental.) Our team of international and Thai coaches are also available for private coaching for players of all ages and level.

Our team of coaches will use their experience and knowledge of the game to show you tips to improve each aspect of the game: technical, tactical, physical and mental. Using your own natural style, we will show you how to achieve your very best.

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