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Kids’ Cooking Classes @Jimmy’s Kitchen, Bangna

Jimmy’s Kitchen is a Thai cooking school in Bangna, offering a variety of cooking classes for adults and children. Khun Jimmy also offers fruit and vegetable carving classes for families. All classes are in the morning or afternoon, and are taught in English or Thai.

The dedicated kids’ cooking classes are on demand — just book a time in advance; the cost is 900 baht per child. There is a minimum of two participants, and a maximum of six, which makes for a nice setting for smaller weekend activity groups with friends or even birthday parties. The facilities are clean and well stocked, and the garden contains a great range of herbs, fruits and vegetables that Khun Jimmy uses in the cooking, which is a great learning experience for children.

Currently, the children’s cooking classes teach young chefs how to prepare minced pork ball soup with carved carrots and white radishes, and vegetable spring rolls. No MSG is used, and Khun Jimmy explains how to create the key flavors in Thai dishes: sweet, sour, salty and spicy. The course is very hands on and fun; also, the kids get to eat what they have cooked.

Jummy's 2

No previous cooking experience is required — just bring a love of food and a willingness to experiment! For more information, please visit Jimmy’s Kitchen’s facebook page or website.

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