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Hopping Around Bangkok with Tuk Tuk Hop

Tuk Tuk Hop

There is no better way to see Bangkok that whizzing around in a Tuk Tuk, the long famed method of transport that has been a a signature of Thailand for decades. Tuk Tuk Hop is an on demand hop on – hop off transport provider that takes you around the old town Bangkok attractions of Rattanakosin, Khao San, Dusit, China town areas and more.

How Does it Work

You pay once upfront to hop on hop off all day (8:30AM-6PM) between designated meeting points by using our mobile application to call a tuk tuk to each point at their convenience. The self-guided application also contains helpful information of nearby attractions and local restaurants. Watch our videos below for more details.

BKK Kids Special Offer

BKK Kids have a special promotional code while enjoying some family fun with Tuk Tuk Hop, Just use “bkkkids2110” for 10% discount from the regular retail price as showed in table below. BKK Kids customer can use this promo code while buying Tuk Tuk Hop ticket in www.tuktukhop.com or in Tuk Tuk Hop  application (Available on AppStore and Google Play Store).

 Retail PriceBKK Kids Price
1 Pax399359
2 Pax649584
3 Pax799719
4 Pax899809

** promo code bkkkids valid from 1 June 2021 – 31 December 2021

Safety Assured

Rest assured, their tuk tuks only serve Tuk Tuk Hop customers and there are no side trips to any stores and they only take you to designated meeting points of your choosing.

All the drivers undergo a screening process and they continually monitor their performance to maintain their high standards. All of the tuk tuks are also equipped with GPS tracking devices and they work with Thaivivat to provide additional insurance for all customers at no additional cost.

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