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Go Snoop & Get Off the Beaten Path in Bangkok

GoSnoop offers something different for those wanting to explore Bangkok in a unique and interesting way. The interactive walking tour/game, titled “Golden Mountain Eclipse”, gets participants into teams to solve the mysterious case of the missing Mr. Somsak and his family. Trace the Thai man’s last steps before his disappearance, following clues, answering questions, and piecing together everything you’ve learned to crack the case.

In the process, get off the beaten path and see some hidden sights in one of Bangkok’s most historic neighbourhoods. Meet the game master, and begin at Pom Mahakan Fortress, armed with a satchel containing a game guide, some evidence, a map, water and rain gear (just in case) provided by GoSnoop. (The materials are in English but you can request French, Chinese and Thai versions in advance.)

Explore the area and its fascinating sights and local wonders, from tradesmen communities to temples and historic landmarks (and eateries). Each team gets points for answering a series of questions related to the case correctly — compete with other teams to see who can solve the mystery in the least amount of time.

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Each tour is roughly 3 hours and covers about 3.5 kilometres. However, GoSnoop recently devised a version for families that takes around 1.5 hours, with less walking and fewer tasks (this is the tour we took). It is recommended for children ages 9+ but younger kids can certainly join in as well, guided by a parent or other adult.

The game is creative, well organised and seamless. We encountered some heavy rain but it was easy to duck into one of the many charming cafes along the way to wait out the downpour (as well as refuel with drinks and snacks).

In addition to getting friends and family together, the game serves as a good team-building exercise for organisations as well as a birthday party activity for older children or adults. Additional GoSnoop tours are in the works, including “Crimes in Thonburi”, which gets you to investigate three crimes by a serial killer on the Thonburi side of the city.

GoSnoop is essentially about having a fun, memorable experience while discovering the lesser known side of Bangkok. Whether you’re a life-long local, a long-time resident or an expat, you’ll come across something new. Put on your walking shoes, grab a hat and go snoop!

For more info, visit GoSnoop’s website and Facebook page, or e-mail [email protected].

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