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Opening Doors to a Global Outlook — and the World’s Leading Universities and Colleges

The global demand for English-speaking education and Western-style learning continues unabated; with thousands of international schools around the world, students from local and expatriate families are immersed in a dynamic learning environment, gaining qualifications that prepare them well for university.

Such schools nurture students’ passions and support their ambitions in a wide range of subjects, coupled with specialist support. Also, another striking benefit, beyond the student-centred education they receive, includes the exposure to a culturally conscious setting, underpinned by a humanist philosophy. This typically results in a broad global outlook, embodying the belief that, while countries differ vastly geographically, culturally, economically and linguistically, we are all part of one global community.

It is therefore no surprise that international school students choose to pursue higher education all over the world, in a range of fields at top-ranked institutions. There are no boundaries to where they go, and what they aspire to achieve.

At Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, the graduating Class of 2018 received 425 offers from universities and colleges around the world.  Nearly half are to the world’s top 100 ranked universities, with 131 offers from UK, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia that make up half of Times Higher Education’s list of the World’s top 50 universities. Offers range from Engineering at Cambridge and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, to Liberal Arts at Tufts and Psychology at University College London. Closer to home, there are also numerous offers for Thailand’s best medical programmes at Mahidol and Chulalongkorn universities.

Earlier this year, Shrewsbury announced 8 offers to Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The complete list now includes 15 offers to Imperial College London, and 21 offers to  elite American universities such as UPenn, UCLA, Berkeley, Cornell, Northwestern, Michigan and Carnegie Melon. Other highlights include 2 offers to the University of Tokyo, and 3 offers to the University of Melbourne.


These statistics are a fantastic reflection on the calibre of Shrewsbury’s students, but also on the support provided by the school’s dedicated Higher Education team. Director of Higher Education Jo Fretwell says, “Students have access to an amazing level of advice and expertise at Shrewsbury, both from the Higher Education team and from our teachers and alumni. Our focus is to ensure that all students are given the advice and support they need to pursue Higher Education choices that are right for them.”

To find out more about how Shrewsbury can put your child on the path to a leading global university, please contact the admissions team at 02-675-1888 ext. 1110 or at [email protected]. For more information, please visit www.shrewsbury.ac.th.

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