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Early Years Education at Harrow Bangkok

The early years of education are a chance for children to play, let their imaginations take flight and explore their surroundings, while their curiosity is nurtured in a safe and happy environment.

Between starting out at 18 months as Little Lions in our EYC to leaving at the end of their Reception year at age 5, our children learn the characteristics of effective learning as they move gently through an intricately planned and structured curriculum, that caters for their emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as ensuring they acquire the language and numeracy skills they need in order to be ready to transition smoothly to Infant School.


Our children are surrounded by green playing fields and bright open, communal spaces. Classrooms are arranged courtyard style around outdoor areas brimming with opportunities for them to use all of their senses. They can access cosy nooks in which to share a book, building blocks of all textures, shapes, colours and sizes and instruments too.


Classic favourites, like sand and water still top the bill – Splash Play sessions are complex affairs, as children on a mission transport water in dumper trucks, teapots and buckets to create lakes and rivers in the nearby sand pit; meanwhile mermaids bask in buckets of water as divers search for treasure… and you never know when a pirate ship may come into view?


The early days at school are an important time to learn about others. Children begin to experience the joy of collaboration and communication through imaginative role play, construction, movement and games. This interaction builds the foundation of special friendships that can last a lifetime.

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At carefully chosen moments throughout the day, the children of each class gather together for ‘campfire’ time. During these focus sessions the children’s love of reading is nurtured through the exploration of books and engaging topics, helping them to understand the world they live in and providing them the forum to become inquisitive learners and ask questions. They sing songs and rhymes, develop their basic numeracy skills and play with letters and sounds, as they learn the foundations of reading and writing.

Make a perfect start at Harrow Bangkok! Sign up for Harrow Little Lions – Harrovians aged 18-30 months – now. Call admissions at 02-503-7222 ext. 1128 or email [email protected]. To learn more, please visit Early Years at Harrow Bangkok’s web page.

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