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Fostering Student Growth & Development Event at KIS International School

The stressors caused by the pandemic (e.g., loss of routines, social isolation, economic hardships) have dramatically increased the need for effective Social and EmotionalLearning (SEL) programs. Now that we have returned to a more familiar school rhythm, come and learn how KIS incorporates social and emotional learning in the curriculum and in extracurricular activities to support student growth and development.

Please join us for a cup of coffee on our spacious green campus to hear from our principals, counselors, and curriculum specialists on how we foster learning and promote balance across all grade levels at KIS International School.

Register by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3RzRwhQ

KIS event

About KIS International School

KIS International School, centrally located in Bangkok, Thailand is the only IB World School in Bangkok offering all four  International Baccalaureate programmes. 

We enjoy a strong community atmosphere and a variety of pursuits in academics, athletics, arts, and service. Students at KIS can pursue a continuum of IB education right from the start through the following programmes:

  • The IB Primary Years Programme for ages 3-11 years
  • The IB Middle Years Programme for ages 11-16 years
  • The IB Diploma Programme for ages 16-19 years
  • The IB Career-related Programme for ages 16-19 years

We believe quality learning takes place through personalized and authentic teaching where students are inspired to develop the tools to become life-long learners, successful leaders, and responsible global citizens.

KIS is home to over 750 students from 52 nationalities, all of whom are welcomed, valued and respected. Our students don’t just gain knowledge, they learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills that serve them well throughout their lives.  

KIS students consistently demonstrate high academic success with IB scores well above the global average of 33 points. Over 1/3 of our graduating class received a score of 40 or above. This is thanks to a challenging, well-balanced and differentiated learning experience that students receive in our intentionally mid-sized school.

With an excellent student to teacher ratio of 1 teacher for every 8 students, learners are guided by dynamic, highly-qualified IB trained educators from all around the world.

KIS teaching

Our lush campus is situated in a gated housing estate near the city centre, providing a spacious learning environment away from the noise and pollution while being easily accessible from both central Bangkok and the suburbs. In addition to well-equipped science labs, state-of-the-art-design workshops, art and drama studios, libraries, and an auditorium, the sporting facilities are also impressive, with grass sports fields, indoor air-conditioned courts, and three swimming pools. 

A vibrant community atmosphere is one of the school’s great strengths. Students and parents quickly feel at home and develop a sense of pride in their school.

We invite you to see why our community stands apart. KIS provides all students, from the youngest children entering a classroom for the first time, to graduates heading off to the best universities, with the tools they need to be inspiring individuals.

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