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Experience The Magic of Wellington College Bangkok

On Saturday, 30th January 2021 at 9am, we will open our doors to the public to showcase our truly extraordinary environment for learning and for life. Wellington College Bangkok is the perfect synergy of form and function offering your child a personalised education experience for the twenty-first century. We cannot wait to show you why Wellington College really is Bangkok’s finest international school.

Throughout your visit, you will experience a school like no other. Our students, parents and staff will also be on hand to share with you all the different aspects of our vibrant and happy school as well as their own personal experiences – and you will see why Wellington College Bangkok is their school of choice.

The Wellington College Governors’ Scholarship

For high-potential students heading into Year 9 for the 2021/22 academic year, we will also be presenting our unique scholarships programme which will challenge and inspire the very best and brightest in Bangkok to even greater accomplishments – beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Sign-up to our Open Day today to guarantee your place. A member of our admissions team will be in touch with you to confirm your registration.

About Wellington College

Wellington College is one of the most respected and important schools in the UK and our global presence allows us to bring the educational quality and philosophy for which we are renowned to selected cities around the world.

Here in Bangkok, Wellington College is an independent, co-educational day school which follows the National Curriculum for England, developed and enhanced in ways appropriate to our Thai and Asian context.  On our beautiful purpose built campus, our School has three sections, starting with Early Years Foundation Stage, encompassing Pre-Nursery (2 years old at the start of the academic year), Nursery (3 years old) and Reception (4 years old).  Junior School starts from Year 1 (5 years old at the start of the academic year) to Year 6 (10 years old). Senior School, from age 11 to 18, readies students for IGCSE examinations in Year 10 and 11 and A-levels in Year 12 and 13.

We operate in close partnership with Wellington College in Berkshire, UK, as well as our sister schools in China, and provide an education that is vibrant, demanding and progressive, encompassing both serious focus on academic achievement and a breadth of approach to the larger context of sport, performance and a wide range of activities of all types.  We believe strongly in the importance of individual motivation and the structured development of personal and intellectual independence; most of all, we want our students to become well-rounded, genuinely good adults who are equipped, able and ready to flourish in the world.

Please take some time to browse our Prospectus, which can be found here.  If you like what you see and wish to find out more about joining Wellington College Bangkok, we would love to meet you, and the real thing will speak to you so much better.

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