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Chinese New Year Arts & Crafts for Kids


Chinese New Year has always been a traditional time for family sharing and caring, it gives us time to build connections and be engaged in some family fun by making your own Chinese New Year decorations. Chinese New year is also a great opportunity to introduce your kids to China as a country, its food, history, the geography, the home of the Panda bear and more! If you don’t want to go out and enjoy the celebrations and events which are sometimes a bit overwhelming for small kids, think lots of banging drums and fire crackers! A nice way to celebrate could be to order some ‘Dim Sum’ or New Year treats & goodies or even try to make your own longevity noodles and get the kids to decorate with some fun DIY Chinese New Year arts and crafts or brave the streets of China Town for their annual displays of themed decorations and everything else you could possibly need for Chinese New Year.

We’ve found some great ideas how you can decorate for Chinese New Year without even having to leave the house and a bonus is, they will keep the kids occupied for hours!

Chinese Dragon Craft

Credit photo by : https://supersimple.com/article/chinese-dragon-craft/

Who knows a little one that LOVES dragons? The Lunar New Year is approaching, and since we are always inspired by the beautiful Chinese dragon puppets that you see at this time of year, we made our very own. 

How to make Chinese Dragon Craft Click HERE

Chinese New Year Dragon Crown

Credit photo by : https://members.10minutesofqualitytime.com/product/chinese-new-year-dragon-crown/

Print and color the sheet as you like. Now, cut out the crown, and staple it after fitting it to your child’s head size.

How to make Chinese New Year Dragon Crown Click HERE

Chinese New Year Paper Chain Dragons

Credit photo by : https://www.pinkstripeysocks.com/2019/01/chinese-new-year-paper-chain-dragons.html

Looking for an easy Chinese New Year Craft that you can make with kids of all ages?  Try making these paper chain dragons.  Can’t draw?  Don’t worry!  Download the free printable below and you’ll be making tons of dancing paper dragons in no time!

How to make Chinese New Year Paper Chain Dragons Click HERE

Chinese Dragon Puppet Craft

Credit photo by : https://www.messylittlemonster.com/2022/01/chinese-new-year-crafts-activities-kids.html?m=1

This dragon craft is sure to capture your child’s imagination! It’s such a simple but fun way to explore the mystical world of dragons and welcome the new lunar year. Read on to get our free printable dragon template

How to make Chinese Dragon Puppet Craft Click HERE

Chinese Dragon Mask

Credit photo by : https://www.messylittlemonster.com/2019/01/chinese-dragon-mask-printable-craft.html

This dragon craft is perfect for Chinese New Year which falls on February 10th this year, but of course you don’t need to be celebrating Chinese New Year to make one of these adorable dragon masks, they would be fun to make any time of the year! You could even pair this dragon craft with a dragon themed book for even more fun!

How to make Chinese Dragon Mask Click HERE

Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets

Credit photo by : https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/chinese-dragon-clothespin-puppets/

With 4 different printable dragon puppet designs (both in full color and black and white for kids to color) you can be sure they will have a blast.

How to make Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets Click HERE

Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template

Credit photo by : https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/chinese-dragon-pop-up-card-template/

With their Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template, making the coolest pop up card ever becomes a simple task. Print the template, either the pre colored one or black and white one and decorate it yourself.

How to make Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template Click HERE

Chinese New Year Dragon Paper Cup Craft.

Credit photo by : https://kidscraftroom.com/chinese-new-year-dragon-craft/

Are you looking for an exciting and fun way to celebrate Chinese New Year with the kids? Join us to make this gorgeousChinese New Year Dragon  Paper Cup Craft

How to make Chinese New Year Dragon Paper Cup Craft. Click HERE

Egg Carton Dragon Craft

Credit photo by : https://iheartcraftythings.com/egg-carton-dragon-craft.htmlWhether you have been

on the hunt for a fun way to celebrate Chinese New Year or simply adore dragons, you are going to love this awesome craft! Look for some Chinese New Year book recommendations at the bottom of this post.

How to make Egg Carton Dragon Craft Click HERE

Handprint Dragon Puppet

Credit photo by : https://www.craftsbyria.com/handprint-dragon-puppet-chinese-new-year-craft/

This is perfect to do with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and school-age kids. Kids might need help from grown-ups in various steps depending on their age and skill levels

How to make Handprint Dragon Puppet Click HERE

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