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Chinese New Year Arts & Crafts for Kids

Chinese New Year has always been a traditional time for family sharing and caring and this year more than ever it gives us time to build connections and possibly be engaged in at-home family fun, more than before. Chinese New year is also a great opportunity to introduce your kids to China as a country, its food, history, the geography, the home of the Panda bear and more! As the larger Chinese New Year celebrations in Bangkok have now officially been cancelled, a nice way to celebrate could be to order some Dim sum, make your own longevity noodles and get the kids to decorate with some fun DIY Chinese New Year arts and crafts.

We’ve found some great ideas how you can decorate for Chinese New Year without even having to leave the house and a bonus is, they will keep the kids occupied for hours! Check out our top 10.

Brown Paper Bag Tiger Craft

This brown paper bag tiger craft is a classic kid’s craft that’s fun for all ages! More Information click HERE

DIY Chinese Dragon Mask

Are you looking for a fantastic Chinese New Year Dragon Craft idea? Then look no further. Today we have this brilliant dragon mask activity which the kids are going to love. Let’s start! Click HERE

DIY Dragon Mask Printables

Chinese New Year Paper Fortune Cookies

Chinese New Year is soon, so let make these fun Paper Fortune Cookies! These can be made from thin like scrapbook, origami, or counstrunction paper. See how to made it click HERE

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns traditionally are made using bright colours and are often associated with festivals in several different countries. In China, the Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year where flying lanterns are lit and children carry paper lanterns of their own creation. More detail for made it click. HERE


Toilet Paper Tube Firecrackers

Turn toliet paper tube into a decorative string of firecrakers for Chinese New Year! How to make is click HERE

Chinese New Year Craft: Toilet Paper Tube Firecrackers

Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets

Oh what fun will your kids have with these Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets, a perfect little paper toy if you celebrate or appreciate Chinese new year celebration. More information clink HERE

Chinese Dragon Clothespin Puppets

Tiger Magazine Mosaic

Wole Soyinka, Nigerian author, and Nobel laureate said, “A tiger does not shout its tigritude, it acts“. It’s hard to think of a more fitting way to describe this majestic creature, who’s content and confident enough to relegate the title of King of the Jungle to another cat!

Maybe that’s the reason tigers have an air of mystery and grandeur that other animals don’t have. You always hear stories of rich people or royals keeping tigers to show off their luxurious lifestyle. In fact, it is one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac – the year 2022 is actually the year of the Tiger. How to create Magazine Mosac click HERE


DIY Chinese Musical Drum

Join the celebration with instruments!  Make a Chinese Drum together with simple materials and have a parade!

Click HERE how to fun!

Chinese Fans Musical

Fun fan craft for the kids, but one that gives them a chance to get a little messy with paints! More dedail click HERE

Tiger Bookmark Conrner

Make Your Own Tiger Bookmark Corner. Perfect for all Wild Animal Bookmark Lovers or for the Year of the Tiger children. A fabulous way to celebrate Lunar New Year 2022! Click HERE

Tiger book mark

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