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BAMBI After-School Activities for Older Children

Almost everyone with babies and toddlers in Bangkok seeking an international community of parents will have come across BAMBI (Bangkok Mothers & Babies International). In its 36 years of existence, the non-profit organization has provided mums (and dads) with pre-natal and post-natal support, including information related to childbirth and childcare.

Run by volunteers, BAMBI also organizes ongoing playgroups for children ages 0 to 5 at international pre-schools as well as at family-friendly venues like cafes and community spaces. They also support a number of charitable organizations in Thailand involved with the family or child welfare.

One of BAMBI’s latest initiatives is focused on providing enriching activities for older children, up to around 8 years in age. These currently include:

  • BAMBI Football (ages 3-8): Running on the first Monday of each month, from 3:45 to 5:15pm, at SP International Kindergarten in Thonglor soi 17
    • This activity is designed by Kiddy Kicks for children to practice their football (soccer) skills in a covered area; there is a coach for younger children and a coach for the older ones.
  • Yoga Adventures (ages 4-8): Taking place on the third Monday of the month, from 3:30 to 5pm, at rumPUREE – world dance studio, 2nd Floor, Jasmine City Building, Sukhumvit soi 23 (near Asok BTS)
    • With yoga teacher Angeli, this class introduces basic yoga postures and concepts in an interactive way. Kids will build strength, flexibility, body awareness and confidence while being creative and having fun.
  • Imagination Land (ages 5-8): Held on the last Monday of the month, from 3:30 to 5pm, at Bistro 33, Sukhumvit soi 33 (near Prom Phong BTS)
    • Explore the world of drama, music and stories in Imagination Land. Every month, the adventure will be based on a new book or story where children play games, sing songs and work together to solve problems to reach their destination.
  • Dance Moves (ages 5-8): On the last Thursday of the month, from 3:30 to 5pm, at rumPUREE – world dance studio, 2nd Floor, Jasmine City Building, Sukhumvit soi 23 (near Asok BTS)
    • Each month, kids will learn a different style of dance like jazz, contemporary, hip hop, lain and Zumba, learning how to express themselves through movement to music.

The cost of each class is 200 baht per family for BAMBI members and 400 baht for non-members. Please register for each session at [email protected]. To join BAMBI and take advantage of their membership discounts, please visit this page.

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