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A Weekend at Wanlapa Farmstay, Lopburi

Leave Bangkok’s metropolitan noise to experience the tranquility of nature at the family-run Wanlapa Farmstay and Hostel, a wonderful place to spend time with the family. Located just 20 minutes north of Lopburi, a relatively quiet town in Central Thailand that’s three hours north of Bangkok (and one hour north of Ayuthaya) by car, Wanlapa offers a peaceful and rustic farm experience, complete with abundant greenery, fresh air, and gentle creatures great and small.

Children will especially love seeing and interacting with the animals. The stable houses numerous ponies, horses, and water buffaloes, while hens, ducks, and geese can be found roaming the grounds. Also, kids are free to run around, play, get dirty — doing kid stuff, which was definitely a highlight!

Outdoor activity options include horseback riding, boating, bicycling, table tennis, and fishing, among others. You can also laze around in a hammock, take a dip in the pond, or just wander around, soaking in the natural, unpretentious setting.

The farm also grows organic vegetables and rice, and cultivates mushrooms in a separate structure. The owners will happily teach you about agriculture and self sufficiency based on the principles of the late King Rama IX. If the timing is right, you can also try your hand at planting rice stalks in the paddy.

With a handful of minimal and clean guest rooms, some with en suite bathrooms and more family-friendly configurations, Wanlapa provides a very laid back, home-like setting. You can get a view of the verdant rice paddy or manmade pond (is your Instagram ready for such an exquisite family portrait? I hope so!). The experience, magnified by the friendly and welcoming staff, reflects the truest of Thai hospitality. The team communicates fluently in English.

A small on-site restaurant serves three meals a day using home-grown ingredients. Enjoy Thai food options, fresh coffee and other drinks, and ice cream. Everything is very reasonably priced. Room rates range from 750 to 1,700 baht per night, depending on the room type and season (you can enquire about rates and availability, and book accommodations via their facebook page or by emailing [email protected].

If you’re looking for a mindfulness break, Wanlapa also offers a separate area of wooden platforms where individual tents are available for rent.

The only way to get to the relatively remote farmstay is by car, but once you are there, a local-style “E-Tan” truck shuttles guests to nearby attractions, including a community market, restaurants, and temples.

So, if you’d like to relax and recharge in the healing embrace of nature, look no further than Wanpala Farmstay. With so many wholesome things to do, everyone had a lot of fun in an easy, effortless way — a break from hectic city living, for sure!

Wanlapa 2

Photo credit: Wanlapa Farmstay and Hostel

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