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4 Rooftop Gardens in Bangkok

While Bangkok at ground level can feel pretty chaotic, head skywards and you can find solitude and greenery amid the urban landscape. Check out these city rooftop gardens, many with educational programmes suitable for everyone in the family.

1. Siam Green Sky

Located on the top floor of Siam Square One shopping centre, Bangkok’s biggest rooftop garden, Siam Green Sky, was created by Chulalongkorn University as a centre for agricultural learning. The project’s mission includes educating city dwellers about the Thai farming way of life, and inspiring locals to cultivate their own rooftop plots. There are three separate sections to explore: the vegetable plot, herb garden and rice terrace. These distinct areas highlight progressive farming techniques, provide demonstrations on how to produce organic fertiliser and educate visitors on how to grow their own kitchen garden plants. Siam Green Sky is open to visitors every Wednesday and Saturday and entry is free of charge.

2. Grandpa City Garden

Located above the bustling streets of the Prakanong area, Grandpa City Garden provides a serene spot in the sky to learn about urban gardening and home-based, eco-friendly practices. With 100 square metres of productive green space, the garden provides a great learning environment for kids to learn about environmental responsibility while gaining an appreciation for natural, home-grown produce. Young ones will also love the hands-on activities here — from decorating vegetable pots and preparing sprouts for planting, to making compost from kitchen scraps and powering their own irrigation system.

3. Laksi District Rooftop Garden

Eleven years ago, the staff at the Public Cleaning and Public Park sections of the district began planting vegetables on an abandoned plot surrounding the Laksi District Office Building. But as the garden grew, the original landowner reclaimed his plot. Looking for a new place to grow their crops, the staff ended up using the roof space on top of the district office building. Today, this picturesque rooftop garden has become a learning centre for horticultural enthusiasts. Visitors can receive practical advice on urban gardening practices such as compost production, soil preparation and planting seedlings. Those less fanatical about gardening can simply wander amid this landscaped beauty spot and enjoy a quiet escape from the din of the city.

4. EmQuartier’s Rooftop Garden

Feeling weary after a busy day of shopping? Head to the fifth floor of the Helix Quarter inside the EmQuartier and you’ll discover a luscious garden amid Phrom Phong’s gleaming condos and shopping malls. This 300-square-metre plot has been thoughtfully landscaped with tropical plants, bushes, trees and an artificial pond. Rattan seats and benches provide comfy spots to kick back and relax, while a couple of ‘viewing platforms’ let you gaze across downtown Bangkok and towards the adjacent Benjasiri Park.

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