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Win “The Travel Adventures of George and Paolo in Thailand”

“The Travel Adventures of George and Paolo” gets children to delve into a fun and exciting travel adventure — in Thailand! George and Paolo hop on a tuk-tuk to explore their tropical surroundings, traveling from north to south, through Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Kanchanaburi, Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi. They’ve got a checklist of their favorite places in each city, so get exploring and enjoy the wonders of the country’s culture, food, and nature.

Author and illustrator, Valerie Van Ballaer, introduces herself, saying, “I’m a freelance graphic & web designer, illustrator & writer, marathon runner, born in Belgium, raised in Thailand. The Travel Adventures of George and Paolo is a concept I came up with back in Italy in 2006 when I was studying design in Florence.”

The first book in the series is thus about Italy. She adds, “I figured it would be great to make a series of these books for kids to enjoy while traveling or as a souvenir or gift for kids. So far in the series I’ve made guides about Italy, Thailand, and Hong Kong. The next one will be about Australia. I’m creating these books based on all the places I’ve lived and traveled to.”

Check out Valerie’s portfolio at www.vvbdesign.com and www.instagram.com/vvbdesign. Downloadable e-book versions are available from her Etsy shop, while the paperback versions of the books can be purchased on Amazon.

BKK Kids is thrilled to be giving away a free copy of “The Travel Adventures of George and Paolo in Thailand” to 5 randomly chosen winners (1 book per winner). Simply enter your details below for a chance to win – good luck!


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