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Why You Should Choose Yoga For Kids

Girl doing yoga

Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years now, and it’s lasted the test of time for good reason. Along with improving physical attributes such as flexibility and muscle strength, yoga can increase relaxation, improve concentration, and elevate mood. And it’s not just beneficial for adults – it’s great for kids, too!

At its heart, yoga is incredibly simple. It’s about performing a sequence of movements connected to the breath. You don’t need fancy equipment to start yoga, either. Mats, blocks, straps and bolsters are helpful but not necessary – the only thing you really need is your body. This simplicity makes it easy for kids to get started.

From improving flexibility and coordination to increasing confidence levels and controlling stress, the ancient art form of yoga is arguably one of the best and most accessible ways for children to develop a range of physical and mental qualities that can serve them well in numerous areas of life.

With that in mind, here are three specific ways that yoga can benefit children.

Improved Focus

Today, children are surrounded by the internet, smartphones, and countless digital devices. In a world of endless distraction, yoga can play an important role in sharpening focus. For instance, having to concentrate on maintaining a stance doesn’t allow time for wandering thoughts – a clear and attentive state of mind is essential. Developing focus in this way also has potential benefits that can impact other areas of life, including better concentration in school.

Emotional Development

Yoga is also highly beneficial in an emotional context. As children grow and develop, they find themselves having to deal with new frustrations, conflicts and social challenges. Yoga can be a useful tool in helping them deal with these tough situations, building important skills such as patience, self-esteem and self-respect. It also teaches the importance of working hard to achieve goals within the comforts of a friendly, non-competitive environment.

Increased Balance & Coordination

Central to yoga is the development of balance and coordination – invaluable skills that can be especially helpful for little ones. By practicing various poses that incorporate different parts of the body, children can improve their poise, stability and overall dexterity – all within a single session. While certain poses can be tricky for younger ones to master at first, the development of physical balance can ultimately lead to a feeling of mastery and accomplishment.

Yoga is easy to start in either your own home or a formal class. Kids can practice yoga by themselves or you can do it together as a family. And best of all, you don’t actually need any equipment to get started!

Essential Yoga For Kids

Essential Yoga for kids cover

“If you understand the benefits of Yoga and want your kids to start learning early, this may be of interest.” Course creator Nathaniel Try has taught Yoga at Harrow, NIST and St. Andrew’s. He’s helped many kids and adults in the Bangkok International School community to become active, calm anxiety and develop a life long appreciation for the many benefits that yoga has to offer.

About the course

Essential Yoga For Kids is a video course for children aged 4 – 12 years old. The course is presented in a sincere yet high-spirited way. The lessons aid children’s physical, mental and emotional development while providing an enjoyable learning experience. The course covers everything children need to know about Yoga to assist them in growing into mindful young adults.

Multiple licenses for the course are available for schools to use as a tool for teachers to easily bring mindfulness into their classrooms.

Practice “Easy Flow 1” Together

  • At home – Parents and guardians can guide younger kids through a physical education course in the comfort of the family home.
  • Self-learning – This course is easy to navigate so that kids with basic computer skills are capable of accessing the lessons alone.
  • Schools and teachers – The content is available for schools and teachers to utilize for group education by emailing us to enquire about multiple licenses.

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