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Versatility of a UK-Based Curriculum


From a quick scan of the international education landscape in Bangkok, there is no doubt that schools offering a UK-based curriculum exert a powerful draw for city residents. Traditionally, such schools enjoyed a solid reputation for their quality English-language education. Today, the qualifications of a British curriculum are widely recognized – this may include offering international GCSEs (IGCSEs) and the IB alongside A-levels.

“With the British international school, students can easily further their studies if they return to the UK or move to schools offering the British curriculum in other countries, making it an ideal system for transient expat families,” said Valerie Thomas-Peter, Head of School, Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep), a British international school located in the heart of Sukhumvit Road on Sukhumvit 53.

She adds, “As for higher education, given the solid qualifications afforded by the British curriculum, students can apply for university in the UK or anywhere else in the world.”

At Bangkok Prep, for example, students are just as likely to consider university in North America, continental Europe, and Asia Pacific as the United Kingdom. In 2015, 20% of graduates headed for universities in the UK, while 8% attended university in the United States and 48% opted to further their studies in Asian countries, including Thailand.

Moreover, most British international schools apply the national curriculum with an international dimension, which is an advantage for students. “Our children are immersed in a very cosmopolitan atmosphere, meaning they are preparing for the real world. They have a heightened appreciation of other people’s differing opinions, languages and cultures, which leads to more diverse ways of thinking – and ultimately, the ability, and adaptability, to work or live anywhere in the world,” said Valerie, whose school features students from 37 countries.

Reflecting demand for a top UK-based education, Bangkok Prep plans to open a new Secondary School Campus in August 2017. Located on Sukhumvit 77 in a secure and tranquil residential area, the campus will feature state-of-the-art learning spaces, an Aquatics Centre with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, an indoor Sports Hall, a 400-seat auditorium, a theatre, a large outdoor sports field and tennis courts.

“Our new campus reflects the need to expand our facilities to meet the demand of our growing student body, specifically that of secondary students”, said Valerie. “The facility will enable us to deliver the School’s mission to provide a high quality and stimulating learning environment, where students can prepare for life and realise their full potential.”

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored content from Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep).


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