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The Best Activity Kits, Play-sets, Play Boxes for Kids in Bangkok

(updated for 2021)

This year has seen the whole world go into shutdown, lockdown or self imposed quarantine with the emergence of a global pandemic that none of us could have ever imagined. The impact this has had on families and businesses has been huge. Globally the directive remains to stay at home, which means parents working from home, kids doing on-line learning if they are old enough and other smaller kids getting through boardgames, puzzles and crayons by the bucket load!

The inventive and creative activity centers here in Bangkok have all come up with some brilliant activity kits, play-sets and play boxes for the kids and the bonus is they are all delivered direct to your door. You can create your own customised slime, ice your name in cookies or create a rainbow raincloud. Here’s our picks of the best, please contact the supplier directly to order.

  • The list is created in alphabetical order, not order of ranking and we take no commission from these products.

A Little Something Cooking DIY Set

Give the kids a break from online learning for fun activities!
Fun, delicious, safe. Concentrate on DIY cooking kits from A Little Something

There are 20 fun menus to choose from with the starting price of 300 baht!

Every menu has been invented by A Little Something Expert. Guaranteed from selected ingredients for children to learn real hands-on.

Every kit has a way of making and video tutorial. Fun for the whole family.

You can ask for menu information each week and preorder from an outlet close to you.
Add Line http://lin.ee/1kohBaM

Cafe De Tu

Homeschool helper: You can use these as a fun activity to help with letter/name recognition.

Learning through play is the best way for children to learn 
or…just give them this and give yourself a break and enjoy a cup of coffee while they entertain themselves, no judgement, we’re in a pandemic after all…

PS: Cade de Tu have been making these boxes all day as orders are coming in non stop. If you’ve ordered a box of your name to decorate please be patient, we’re baking them one name at a time as you order them.

Chabatree Sewing Kit

CHABATREE Sewing Kit with pincushion!

This cute sewing set has all the necessary tools that are required for you doing basic home sewing and mending. Pin cushion , wooden ruler and antique style scissor are special made by CHABATREE. This small sewing set is great for the beginners as well as the sewing lovers.so it’s an amazing gift for mother, grandmother, little girl, also for bachelor.

Interested in inquiring / promotion / ordering at inbox

Sewing kit with pincushion 1,290 THB
Size :  W 8 x L 23 x H 3.5 cm.
GTF029 : Teak wood ruler & pincushion
GTF030 : Maple wood ruler & pincushion
GTF031 : Walnut wood ruler & pincushion

Pincushion 6.5 cm. 350 THB
Dimension : W 6.50 x L 6.50 x H 4.60 cm.
Material : Teak, Maple, Walnut

Pincushion 9.8 cm. 490 THB
Dimension : W 9.80 x L 9.80 x H 4.60 cm.
Material : Teak, Maple, Walnut

Ruler 230 THB
Dimension : W 2.55 x L 21.50 x H 0.50 cm.
Material : Teak, Maple, Walnut

Curtain Up Drama and Magic MAGIC KITS – 1st EDITION

BECOME A MAGICIAN AT HOME!Curtain Up have limited edition magic kits for you to take your wizardry skills to the next level.Each kit includes:- A Curtain Up Drama and Magic bag to keep your magic tricks in.
– 5 x Magic tricks
– A magic themed arts and crafts activity.
– Links to pre-recorded videos revealing & teaching the magic secrets.
– 1 x online group magic lessonWe have two different sets available.Mini Magicians : 4 – 6 years old
Master Magicians: 7 + years old1,500 baht per pack. Once ordered the packs will be delivered to your home within 2-3 working days.We will be asking at home Magicians to record videos of themselves performing their tricks – there will be prizes for the most creative performances!!Packs are limited. 

Edu-Lab-Stem by ME-iZONE


Do your kids love engineering, crafting and DIY activities? This Program is the right place for him/her to have fun and take a huge step closer to the mindset of inventors. Crafts ACTIVITIES are perfect for helping children to develop skills across a range of developmental areas. As they play and explore, children are constantly developing their motor, cognitive, and social skills, all of which will aid them throughout their lives as they go on the study, work, and form relationships with others.Another of the great things about doing DIY projects is that kids actually learn how things work, from gravity, physics and other science concepts. It becomes not just about creating the DIY, but making it do something.

Basic making and crafting as an introduction
2D crafting and making
Modeling crafting
3D crafting
Free style
Craft for own use
Future gift

Paper making
Propeller Car
Homemade Wiggle bot
Cardboard Box Marble
Rubber band Helicopters

– Classes in English and Thai.
– Delivery of learning kits at your doorstep free of charge.
To find more info and register, simply click on the link below:

Fiesta4U: DIY Slime Kit

30% Discount on the DIY Mermaid kit at the moment! This super-fun and beautiful Slime DIY kit Mermaid themed box comes compete with sprinkles , mermaid tails and all the ingredients to keep little hands busy and minds creative for days on end. This slime kit has enough ingredients to play Slime for at least 2 times.

Inside the DIY Slime Kit Box:

  1. Glue
  2. Activator A 
  3. Activator B
  4. Sea color sprinkles
  5. Mermaid Tails
  6. Spoon

BUY TODAY: https://bit.ly/3nZkYOS

Glitz Party BKK – DIY cookie decoration kit

Fun activity for kids and family4 theme available

Each set includes :

  • 12 cookies
  • 7-10 colored sugar bags
  • 2 sprinkle bags

Price : 490 Baht

Interesting, contact us at…
🎉Line: @glitzpartybkk / https://lin.ee/BsqZVuL
🎉Call: 086 393 4472

Kidsdela: Camp Box

Science Themed Camp Box!

10 experiments with manuals and video demonstrations.
For children from 3 to 11 years old ** Free shipping nationwide

SET 1 Basic trial set, price 1,890 baht (suitable for children 3-8 years old)
Here are the 10 items that are included in the Camp Box:

  1. Puffy Slime
  2. Milk Fire Work
  3. Foaming Eruption
  4. Lava Lamp
  5. Big Bubble
  6. Rock Candy
  7. Frozen Tree
  8. Bath Bomb
  9. Rain Cloud
  10. Magnet Experiment

Any inquiries or questions please contact: Line: @kidsdelaCamp or Call​: 062 925 5999​

Kidz Creative Box Set for story time from Kidz Village International Kindergarten.

Pre-Order Kidz Creative box set NOW ❗️
Kidz Creative Box Set “ The Three Little Pigs 🐷🐺”
Kidz Creative Box Set for story time from Kidz Village International Kindergarten.

We are doing a series of story time videos together with the Kidz Creative Box Set for you and your child to have fun together at home during the time of Covid-19.

🎈 Let’s have fun with the first story “The Three Little Pigs”

** 📣 Price 990฿ not including delivery 📦 **
Early Birds : Order and pay within 21/05/21 get a 10% Discount ❗️❗️❗️

** Delivery fee – 80฿
inbox or DM
IG : specialclass_by_kidzvillage
Line : https://lin.ee/E3Ab8RC
Tel : 091 495 5553

Kidzilla x Sugarcrumbs

Kidzilla x Sugarcrumbs
6 designs available for purchase.

  1. Dinosaurs 🦕
  2. Mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀
  3. Zoo 🦒
  4. Bug 🐛
  5. Unicorn 🦄
  6. Desserts 🧁

🌸400B / set
Premium grade cookie with pure vanilla and himalayan pink salt.

✨Set : 10-12 cookies with 4 bags of icing sugar and sprinkles .

🚚Shipping 100
Buy 5 sets + free shipping
All kits may be preordered and shipped at your desired date.

FB/IG : Kidzillabkk
Call : 0814466496
Line : @ kidzilla

Kidzilla x Pantyrid

💥only 199B/set from 399B
Order 4 sets + free shipping
💥+ 30B for extra gardening tools

🌿 4 sets available:

  1. Kaiwara
  2. Wheat grass
  3. Water Convolvulas
  4. Sunflower sprouts

Juno – craft DIY Domino Rainbow

DIY SET “DOMINO by JUNO”3rd Collection “ Rainbow 🌈
Small Set 28 pcs. for 2-4 persons with 1,200 THB
Big Set 56 pcs. for 2-4++ persons with 1,800 THB
DIY Resin unique Style with Rainbow color 2 layer Play with family and your friend anywhere.
Nice decoration at home Make to order 3 – 5 Days

Contact : Juno- Craft Bkk

Little Legend – Star Wars Playset

Star Wars Play Set ( Limited Edition Only at Little Legend )

May the Nature with you, create your own, Star Wars-Inspired galaxy!. Naturally scented, organic playdough, together with our own Little Legend loose parts and play kit.
Little Legend playsets inspire language development and increase CONFIDENCE through open-ended play.
Open-ended play empowers your child to create their own universe, in which they are the master.

What’s in the set?
The Star Wars playset incldes.
1. 4 Colors of Scented dought
– Marble orange
– Marble dark blue
– Marble white
– Brown

2. 22 Star Wars Tree Cookies
3. 15 -20 Wooden loose parts
4. Natural loose parts : sticks, walnuts, pine cones
5. 10 – 15 black stones
6. 10 – 15 colorful stones
7. 1 wooden board
8. 1 wooden roller
9. Little Legend eco bag.

Please contact Little Legend – Nature Inspired Play
Tel : 085 122 9080
E-mail : [email protected]
Line : little legend Line


We are going back UNDER THE SEA 🦈
Join us next week for our LITTLE LEGEND X LITTLE TREEHOUSE Mini Ocean Playset Virtual Playgroup.

This online playgroup will keep children engaged while connecting with old and new friends from past sessions.

What you get with this playgroup:
– An original Little Legend Mini Ocean Playset (see materials attached) 🐙🦀
– 3 Funtastic Online Sessions with our energetic teachers and TAs 👩‍🏫
– Inspiring, Learning Thru Play Videos on our theme 🐠 Platforms and Schedule
– ClassDojo Classroom: All participating children will be invited into our Classdojo Classroom to view our content and interact with other families.
– Zoom Online Sessions: Circle Time Fun and Games, Story Telling, Music and Movement, and MORE in our 20-minute sessions from Wednesday to Friday, at 10:00 am.

Sign up now for this fun, hands-on, and engaging opportunity
Cost: Only 1250 THB *Delivery not included
⭐️Limited to 7 SPOTS ONLY! ⭐️
Suitable for children aged 1 – 5 years old

Little Miracles – Rock Painting DIY Kit


Our Creative Kit will have your children learn about emotions through painting – only for 499 baht!!! For children 5 to 7 years! Order now!

Contact : Little Miracle

Little Miracles -Imaginative Play Kit

Little Miracles has created a limited edition kit for this lockdown period! Our IMAGINATIVE PLAY KIT will keep your children busy, entertained, and creative!!! There are 3 activities with a color-based theme…for children as early as 2 yrs to 4yrs!!! Limited edition & only 10 boxes available! 799 baht only!

Contact : Little Miracle

Little Pea’s Activity Kit

Looking for at-home activities? Our Little Pea Activity Kits will engage your child’s creativity and critical thinking. Explore our 3 FUN REASONS to try them below. Also, stay tuned for more updates. We’ve got more goodies coming your way.

Kits are experiences! Kids can try a new skill, activity, or technique.
Kits are convenient! They contain all the materials in one handy box.
Kits make great gifts! Kids love these unique, hands-on projects.

⁣⁣Place your order for delivery http://bit.ly/OrderActivityKits

LINE: @littlepeabkk⁣⁣⁣
Email: [email protected]⁣⁣⁣
Free shipping nationwide (1-2 days)

Little Pea

Check out these scrumptious recipes that your mini chef can create with our Little Pea Home-Cooking kits! They can choose between FOUR dishes that will inspire them with practical life skills while nurturing their love for home-cooked meals. Ready to cook? Well, order your kit!

Choose from 4 recipes:
Okonomiyaki Pancake
Little Pea Chicken Nuggets
Chocolate Tart
Tasty Veggie Balls

You’ll get the following:
A box of fresh ingredients delivered to your door.
A QR code to access our online cooking videos.
Hands-on instructions that help your child cook alongside our Little Pea chefs.

Schedule: Start Anytime!
Ages: 4 years+ (*Sous Chef (parent/caretaker) required for younger chefs.
Price: 600 baht/session (FREE delivery!)

Contact us:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Email: [email protected]⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Phone: 02-712-5245⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Line: @littlepeabkk⁣⁣
Website: littlepeabkk.com

Little Pea – Playdough Sets

🤗 Discover the creative possibilities with our Little Pea Playdough Sets! Each kit contains complete materials, easy instructions, & extension activities for your child to create multi-dimensional sculptures with soft, squishy playdough. Explore our fun themes below. Let the gigglefest begin!
Price: 300 baht each or 850 baht for all three sets!
🔹 Cute Cupcake Set🔹 Growing Garden Set🔹 Robot Wonders Set⁣⁣
Order yours here 👉https://shop.line.me/@littlepeabkkOr message us below!
⁣⁣We’ll deliver them to you.⁣⁣⁣
Free shipping nationwide (1-2 days)
Contact us:
LINE: @littlepeabkk⁣⁣⁣
Email: [email protected]⁣⁣⁣

Little Pea – Playdough Sets

🚨 New Activity Alert! Our Little Pea Young Scientist Sets will entertain and educate your kids. Get ready for exploding volcanoes, silly soaps, and racing cars. Each kit contains STEAM projects designed to develop their science skills as they learn about geology, matter, engineering, & energy. Science is amazing! Order yours today.
Price: 350 baht each or 950 baht for all three sets!
🔸 Earth Science Volcano Kit🔸 Cool Chemistry Jelly Soap Kit🔸 Physics Balloon Car Kit⁣⁣
Order yours here 👉https://shop.line.me/@littlepeabkkOr message us below! ⁣⁣
We’ll deliver them to you.⁣⁣⁣
Free shipping nationwide (1-2 days)
Contact us:
LINE: @littlepeabkk⁣⁣⁣
Email: [email protected]⁣⁣⁣

Little PeaLittle Treehouse Nursery x FunKits

Little Treehouse collaborates with Funkits this lockdown to bring you a fun and meaningful playgroup experience!

This weekly online playgroup will keep children engaged while connecting with old and new friends from past sessions.

What you get with this playgroup:

  • An original FUNKITS activity box (see materials attached)
  • 3 Funtastic Online Sessions with our energetic teachers and TAs
  • Inspiring, Learning Thru Play Demo Videos with each box
  • Storytime, songs, and more!

Platforms and Schedule

  • ClassDojo Classroom: All participating children will be invited into our Classdojo Classroom to view our video content and interact with other families.
  • Zoom Online Tutorials:
    Get your kits ready as our teachers guide you to conduct each experiment step-by-step during our 30-minute sessions on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 10:00 am.

Sign up now for this fun, hands-on, and engaging opportunity

Cost: Only 1350 THB per week/box
*Delivery not included

Limited to 10 SPOTS ONLY!
Suitable for children aged 2 years old and up

Week 1: May 4th – May 7th
Week 2: May 11th – May 14th

Lil brick specialists – Chess set

LIl brick chess set

Chess set A beautifully handcrafted wooden box, with a sliding lid, 64 lego brand black and white squares and 32 custom minifigures 28.5cm x 28.5cm.
Minifigures are subject to availability but we do try and include all the popular characters.Lil brick specialists sent Today at 18:32

Mamoon Art Box

We deliver art class to your home
May Mamoon Box is coming

‘Deco Sand Painting’
Order period: 25 April – 30 April 2021
Delivery Date: 05 May 2021

How to order Mamoon box in just 2 easy steps!
1) Add line official @mamoonart or contact via DM Instagram
2) choose mamoon plans from single box to year plan

Single Box: 990 THB
3 Months (save 10%) 2,680 THB
6 Months (save 20%) 4,760 THB
12 Months (save 30%) 8,320 THB

www.mamoonart.com Line:@mamoonart

My First Clay Toy Set

My First Clay
Clay sets delivered directly to your door

Contact Via Instagram or Facebook

Paron School of Art

This pack is suitable for 4-7 year old artists to work alongside a supporting adult OR an 8-10 year old working independently

We have 2 programmes to choose from, each producing 3 projects:
Programme A: ‘Directing-the-Show’
• The Circus
• Carnivale Costume
• The Chinese Dragon
Programme B: ‘The Enchanted Forest’
• To-the-Waterfall
• Blossoming gardens
• Venus-fly-trap crowns

Fee: 1,200THB/programme pack includes link to video tuition, access to online community support and delivery to a Bangkok address, +100THB for outside of Bangkok


Suitable for 10 year old+, teens and adults and suitable for beginners and practising visual artists alike
• Art nouveau nymphs
• Californian Sunsets
• Dazzling Butterflies
• Fauvist Landscape
• Inky Terrarium
• Magnificent Beasts.

Fee: 1,500BHT/programme pack includes link to video tuition, access to online community support and delivery to a Bangkok address, +100THB for outside of Bangkok

Boxes can be purchased here : Email: [email protected] or at Facebook Instagram Whatsapp: +66 89 795 8765

Playville acTEAvity Blending kit 

acTEAvity Blending kit from Bangkok Flower Tea. Become a flower drink mixologist and create your original flavor. Engage in a new play experience!
Come in the set with :1. 15 types of dry herbs and flowers      
2. Glass bottle Tea Infuser with tea making set3. Measuring spoons4.Tea Strainer5. Instruction.  
Price: 1,550 baht delivery 80 baht per box  

 Suitable for 3 years old and up. Must be used under adults supervision.

Allergen, Flower  

Order Now

Line : @playville : https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40playville

#playvilleshop #curatedbox #playvilleonline #playville49

Playville’s Art Space in a Box

This image has an empty alt attribute

Create “Enchanted Learning Space” From The Brave Learner by Julia Bogart
This Art Space in a Box is completely open-ended. The best gift you can give your artsy child.

What’s included: arts and crafts supplies into one ultimate
* Color
* Collage
* Clay
* Paper
* Decoration
* Supplies

Price: 1,550 baht delivery 80 baht per box

Suitable for 2 years old and up. Small parts included. Must be used under adults supervision.

special curated play guide from Playville to help your child extend their play!!! 

Order Now

Line : @playville : https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40playville

Playville’s Color DIY

This image has an empty alt attribute

Color your way! 

Making your own homemade color with kids is a rewarding process that helps children understand that store-bought is not the only way!

This simple homemade color recipe is surprisingly easy to make and keeps the kids entertained for hours.

Come in the set with
1. a set of material for making Water Color
2. a set of material for making Puffy Paint
3. a set of material for making Chalk Pop Colors

 Price only 895 ฿ / box with free shipping
Suitable for 4 year old kid and up (adult supervision is required)
 Order Now
https://shop.line.me/@playvill, Line : @playville : https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40playville

Playville Curated Play Box

This image has an empty alt attribute

Playville Curated Play Box:Tied-dye and more, little designer kit 

This time we expand our most popular tie-dye kit to allow our young designers to explore designs and fashions.

Kids can enjoy the process from designing a t-shirt for themselve, for their adults, and create a scarf and a hat.
Including in the kit:

  • t-shirt for kids (4-7 years old)
  • t-shirt for adult (free size)
  • straw hat
  • handkerchief X2
  • Fabric glues
  • Pompoms and ribbons
  • Needle and threads
  • Paper flower 
  • Plastic cover and all equipments for tie dye.

Order now https://shop.line.me/@playville
Line : @playville : https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40playville

Playville’s Open Play

“Open Play” Playdough set provides unlimited possibilities for kids to expand their play as far as their imaginations can go!

What’s included:
– DIY natural  Playdough set with natural dyes (from dry flowers)
– 2 wooden dough stamps
– 5 wooden dough tools to create shapes, poke, and cut
– 2 small and 2 medium wood slices
– 4 wood peg dolls
– 4 small wood sticks
– 6 wooden cut-out leaves
– extra natural loose parts
– A compartment storage box
– 10 sheet of reusable printed  Playdough mat

Price: 1,550 baht delivery 80 baht per box
Suitable for 2 years old and up. Small parts included. Must be used under adults supervision.
Allergen, wheat gluten

special curated play guide from Playville to help your child extend their play!!! 
Order now, very limited supply.

Order Now

Line : @playville : https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40playville

Puttisu Thailand

Puttisu Cosmetic and Nail Polish for Kids

Our products are fun and safe for children and expecting mothers. We currently have promotional sets that include our more popular products:

Spring Skin Set (1,354 Baht): Safe Baby Mild Sun Cushion, Pang Pang Nail, Butter Lip Crayon, Congcong Sticker Soothing Pack, AND Puttisu Canvas Pouch.
Contact : [email protected]@puttisu_thailand
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/puttisuthailand/

Sitao Ceramic Studio – Bisque Magnet Painting Box Set

Bisque Magnet Painting Box Set
🏺💛💙 250 THB (Free Shipping) 💙💛
1 box set includes : – Ceramic bisque with magnet 4 pcs – 5 Colors – 1 Brush – 1 Color palette
Facebook : Sitao Ceramic Studio Inbox -> https://m.facebook.com/msg/sitaoceramicstudio
[email protected] : @sitaoceramic Add -> https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40sitaoceramic
Call : 083 – 638 – 5996

Sunny Up Side BkK – Hinoki Sand

hinokicube Sunny up side

Bring part of Sunny Side Up home

@hinokicube_thailand is now available to take home. Create your own play zone and let the imagination flow!

• Hinoki Wood Cube (Cypress) imported directly from Korea
• Natural relaxing fragrant that help reduce musty smell
• Smoothen corners to remove sharp edge, perfectly safe as developmental toy
• Processed thru a dry-heat process to ensure no germ and fungi
• Unlimited potential of ways to play! Let’s you and your children’s imagination run wild!
• Help with sensory development, fine motor skill and counting/sequencing skill by picking up/placing individual cube, grabbing them by the handful, stepping on them and grouping/counting them
• Replace sand play, perfect for indoor playing and, most important for parents, easy to clean up.

We also have a play mat imported from Korea. Made from high-end plastic, water proof, lightweight, easy to fold and put away
-140cm 1,890 THB
-120cm 1,690 THB

Treehouse Sensory Play Set

Treehouse Sensory Play Set

Can be used for water and sensory play
Only 12 pieces available
Cost: 850 THB per set
*delivery not included

What’s included

  • One bag of colored rice
  • 20 poms Poms
  • 5 large buttons
  • 3 funnels (all different sizes)
  • Egg carton, super sized tissue roll
  • 1 spoon
  • PVC pipe structure for water and sensory play

*tray not included

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