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Thai Classes for Kids in Bangkok

For Thai families with children in international schools or expats who want their kids to pick up the local language, here are 5 schools where children can hone their Thai language skills.

1. Thai for Kids

Located on the 4th floor of Rain Hill mall at the front of Sukhumvit Soi 47, this school offers supplementary Thai classes for children from pre-K to Grade 6 in group classes and on an individual basis, subject to the child’s needs and schedule.

2. Nancy Language Club

The Thai Club at this dedicated kids’ language school is specially designed to help children, from ages 3 to 12, improve their Thai reading and conversation skills, using a variety of age-appropriate teaching methods and materials. Classes are on a per term basis; make-up classes are available.

3. Nisa Language School

With branches on Yenakart Road (Sathorn) and Soi Kluay Nam Tai (opposite Ekamai), Nisa features private classes for children. Courses start from 30 hours; you can elect how many hours of study you’d like each week. Teachers are available to teach in your home if you live in the vicinity of the schools.

4. Thai Class with Kru Pic

Based at Fifty-Fifty Tower in Thonglor, Kru (“Teacher”) Pic conducts hour-long classes for kids ages 4 to 15, offering three levels: Basic (alphabet, vowels and conversation); Vocabulary; and Reading & Writing. Kru Pic makes learning fun and also teaches children about Thai customs, imparting a deeper appreciation for the language and culture.

5. Ni Hao Thailand

Located at The Room condo in Sukhumvit 79, this school offers private Thai lessons for kids, among several other languages. Courses start at 30 hours, to be completed in about 3 months. Lessons can be completed either at the school or your home.

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