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Thai Children’s Day 2021.

Children's day 2021

In Thailand, in addition to celebrations of Mother’s and Father’s Day, there is also a holiday dedicated to children. Wan Dek, or Children’s Day, is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in January. This year, Children’s Day should have been celebrated on Saturday, January 9th 2021 but Covid-19 has put a stop to that; as it did to many other celebrations last year!

Wan Dek is Unique to Thailand

Thailand’s Children’s Day is not to be confused with The United Nations Universal Children’s Day which is celebrated each year in November 20th. Wan Dek is something unique to Thailand!

Wan Dek is historically a day where parents celebrate their children and reinforce good examples and values. Nationally, it is a day to recognise the development that children have made and will make to the future of the country. These days it’s all about children having fun and parents being grateful for the part they play in bonding families and enriching lives.

Children’s Day Attractions – Cancelled

There should have been many attractions and events all across the country to entertain and celebrate kids and possibly the Thai government may still celebrate Children’s day later in the year. However for this weekend, on what should have been a day of fun that all kids in Thailand look forward to, parents need to get creative! We have made a few at home suggestions on how to have some family fun and still celebrate this day with your children.

Tune-in to Story Time

Safe & Sound - Children’s Day Storytelling with Anna

If it was any other time, there would be events and programs everywhere in the city but due to the re-emergence of COVID-19 in many parts of the country, many, if not all, have been cancelled. But not for Heads and Tales!! They want to show children and their families that in times of worries, lockdowns, and boredom, we can turn to reading stories, telling stories, and making up stories with simple objects. They are having a great story time this Saturday 9th at 10.30pm (ideally for 3-8 years old) where the kids will…
:rainbow: see how engaging stories can be
:rainbow: get ideas on how to tell stories
:rainbow: ignite your child’s imagination.

Join on Saturday, 10:30-11.00, Heads and Tales Story Services

Take a Hogwarts Virtual Tour

This Sunday January 10th, Things todoDC are hosting a virtual guide direct from Edinburgh to show you the sites that inspired the books and movie sites. Optional LA Magic show follows! If you can’t travel to Hogwarts due to COVID, then we will bring Hogwarts to you! (Well, Scotland more like it)
They are offering you an exciting (sell out) Harry Potter Tour of the United Kingdom  PLUS a Post Optional Virtual Magic Show from Los Angeles! Sign up here to organise your tickets for your amazing HARRY POTTER TOUR!

On Sunday, join an expert guide as they virtually experience the creation of Harry Potter, the sites that inspired locations in the book, and filming locations of the Harry Potter movie. As they virtually move through the streets of Scotland, they will discuss each area’s relevance to Harry Potter as well as the general historical significance of each location. Grab a wand and join your (Scottish) local expert wizard guide on the original, award-winning tour of Edinburgh designed especially for Potter fans! You’ll discover the magical locations that inspired characters and scenes in the series, visit the places where JK Rowling wrote the books, and even learn a spell or two along the way. Discover where Lord Voldemort is buried, take a stroll down the real-life Diagon Alley, and even get a chance to find out your house at Edinburgh’s very own school of magic.

Your guide will use a magic mixture of Google Earth and high-resolution images to bring this tour to life virtually – all we ask is that you bring something that you can use a wand!

A brand-new virtual magic show for the entire family!   MIND MAGIC delivers a highly interactive experience that will have everyone laughing in astonishment. Starring Joe Skilton, of LA’s famed Magic Castle.  Joe has performed for A-list celebrities and Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Now you can enjoy his award-winning magic anywhere in the world. MIND MAGIC is more than a typical zoom magic show… it combines amazing magic with the latest streaming technology to bring audience members into the performance. You’ll see the same award-winning sleight-of-hand Joe has performed on national TV. Impossible Mind-Reading and Impossible predictions will come true, and you’ll witness astonishing mind-reading with random audience Impossible predictions will come true, and you’ll witness astonishing mind-reading with random audience volunteers
Lots of Interaction! Joe will actively involve multiple audience members throughout the show, and EVERYONE will have a chance to participate.
MAGIC LESSONS:   Joe will also teach you amazing magic lessons to entertain your friends!   The magic you learn won’t be those trivial acts from Youtube.   Joe will teach great magic tricks that are not only mind astounding but are easy to do, and fun to watch!There’s nothing expensive to purchase. All of the tricks you will learn use common items (rubber bands, dollar bills, spare change) or an ordinary deck of playing cards. Best of all, everything fits in your pockets, so you can be ready to amaze anytime, anywhere (even in a zoom meeting)!This lesson is appropriate for all ages!

All chatroom links and invitations will be sent out a few minutes before the event (to ensure only registrants attend). They will be sent to the email address you use to register for the event.

Participate in a Virtual Escape Room

This Saturday January 9th, Things todoDC are hosting a virtual ESCAPE – from the 1980s with an interactive, virtual series of games and challenge all relating to an iconic decade! You are trapped – in the 1980s!  A world dominated by ALF Gorbachev, the Rubix Cube, the rise of the VCR, the Breakfast Club and the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and more! Taking place over Zoom, you and several teammates face challenges to work your way out of the 1980s  – and on to victory! Team up with old or new friends as you find clues, crack codes, play multiple games and use detective skills to conquer situations and escape our themed rooms. With each challenge you conquer, you will face a new challenge.  With intellect, teamwork, and a great sense of adventure, you will score more and more points and be crowned ESCAPE ROOM CHAMPIONS. Prizes awarded for the team with the most points! All chatroom links and invitations will be sent out a few minutes before the event (to ensure only registrants attend).  They will be sent to the email address you use to register for the event.

Bring Back The Board Games

Board games

Throughout the last year, with people around the world being confined to their own homes during the Coronavirus pandemic, board games have definitely made a come back to both alleviate boredom and hours of either scrolling on Facebook or unlimited Netflix binging. Suddenly social media is full of families connecting over multiple versions of Monopoly, Scrabble, Operation, Pictionary and card games of all shapes and sizes!

Boardgames are fun and offer the opportunity to connect as a family, In my house, board games, puzzles and cards are reserved for rainy days and Christmas holidays. While, yes, there have been many upturned games of chess in my house and relationship-ruining rounds of cards but all in all, even for the most competitive, a board game is a way of bringing families and friends together.

Creative Lunch Ideas

creative sandwiches

Let the kids create their own breakfast or lunch ideas, they can either place a special order for some of their favourites it is Thai Children’s day after all! Alternatively they can join you in the kitchen to get creative with smily face sandwiches or a stack of gingerbread shaped pancakes.

There are endless ways that kids can get creative with their breakfasts and lunches, cutting pancakes and bread for sandwiches into shapes to make animal faces or arranging fruits into fun and artistic designs. Kids can make their own yoghurt bowls at home, you can just set out yoghurt, fruit, granola or pieces of their favourite cereal or any other topping that you have and let them build their own bowls. Hard boiled eggs are always a winner with toast shapes or bacon/veggie strips, this will not only delight them but could keep them occupied for a while! You could make the whole breakfast and lunch experience into a creative competition with an award given at the end of the week for the funniest or most artistic lunch.

Editors note: Thai Children’s Day 2021 may have been postponed this year but our friends over at Hape toys have given us an amazing giveaway and an opportunity for one lucky Bkk Kid to win a complete Viking castle.

Click here to enter the competition.

Thailand loves children and shows them that at Thai Children’s Day even more than the rest of the year!

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